How to Become An Affiliate

We would very much like to build up some like minded affiliate sites.

If your site has anything to do with writing, publishing, eBooks or anything along the same lines and you would like to swap links, please drop us a line using our contact form (please put Affiliate in the top of the email).

Please tell us:

  1. The name of your site.
  2. The URL of your site.
  3. A little bit about your site and what it is for.
For example, this is the info for our site:
  1. Wittegen Press
  3. Wittegen press is an independent, UK publisher of eBooks.
We will not link to pornographic (visual) content or sites with offensive or illegal content. If your site contains written content of an adult nature, that’s fine, so does this one, but please, could you warn us in the description. Thanks.

Affiliates will be linked in the footer bar of the site and will be given an entry on our Affiliates page.

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