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Ginger Nuts of Horror – The Film that Made Me Guest Post

Today Nataha Duncan-Drake has a guest post over at a wonderful blog called Ginger Nuts of Horror. How could anyone not love a site called that? This site is all about the horror genre and has some wonderful sections: Horror Interviews Horror News The Book That Made Me (articles by horror authors and fans about the books that made them […]

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Gun Encyclopedia – Useful site for Authors

Author’s Note: This is a repost from my personal blog, but I thought a gun encyclopedia would be useful so I’ve posted it here as well. So I’m currently writing a short story with a character who is an assassin and I wanted her to use handguns. Since I know nothing about handguns at all I turned to Google and this really […]

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IWACA Autumn Issue – Author Spotlights and Free Fiction

We are very pleased to say that Sophie Duncan and Natasha Duncan-Drake are both in the IWACA (Indie Writers and Creative Artists) Magazine, Autumn Issue. IWACA is put together by the fantastic SD Neeve, a very talented lady and author. This is a free online magazine containing fiction, author spotlights, articles and more. Click the link below to go to […]

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Kobo UK – All Our Books Are Back at Last

Good news for all Kobo readers. After months of wrangling all our books are finally available on Kobo UK once again as well as Kobo US. For those who don’t know, last year Kobo UK removed most of the independently published books from their UK site because of problems with a few that were not labelled with adult sexual content.  This was […]

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The Wonders of WordPress that I Never Realised

For a very long time I thought WordPress was just a blogging platform because we used it once on a site we had running and that was all it was at the time. However, when Soph and I rebuilt our website ( we found out just how wrong we were. WordPress is not simply a blogging platform, it’s a whole […]

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Welcome to the Wittegen Press Blog

Hello and welcome to our blog. We hope you are enjoying our new look website and have taken advantage of the 48hr Discount Blitz running over the 5th and 6th August 2014.  All our books are 99c or less for these two days. Just look for this button in an individual book listing: and next to it you will find […]

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