Wittegen Eros

Wittegen Eros

Wittegen Eros is an imprint of Wittegen Press for purely adult titles.

All Wittegen Eros Titles

Under Eros readers may find books of an erotic nature. Some titles under Wittegen Press also contain explicit sexual situations, but it is not the main focus. Wittegen Eros specialises in such content.

Wittegen Eros
Wittegen Eros

Wittegen Eros also publishes a monthly podcast called Sexy Stories with Virginia Waytes [COMING SOON] – who will be narrating the naughty bits from a new paranormal series called The Manor. The Manor being a supernatural hot-bed and  adult-only, exclusive members club in the middle of the English countryside.

Sexy Stories - Virginia Waytes

The Manor is episodic, with the first season being 12 episodes long and each episode consisting of:

  • the podcast with introductions and narration of the naughty scenes by Virginia (and transcripts for those unable to listen)
  • an eBook to enrich the story and universe as well as including the sexy parts from the podcast.

To see books published by Wittegen Eros visit this page.

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