Darwell (Magical) Cleaning Services

Series about a magical clean-up crew of low Fae and the adventures they encounter along the way.

Curse of A Banshee (Darwell [Magical] Cleaning Services #1) (Contemporary Fantasy)

Curse of A Banshee (Darwell [Magical] Cleaning Services #1) (Contemporary Fantasy)


Curse of a Banshee - magical crime scene clean-up is a low fae job, doesn't require much magic and, if you know what you're doing, isn't dangerous. So B is expecting an ordinary night 'at the office' when she deploys her team on a large tidying job in the middle of an English woodland. However, when she rescues a djinn boy from the criminals trying to enslave him, her own djinn and banshee heritages mean her own life and those of her team are put in mortal peril.

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