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Wittegen Press - Youtube + Podbean

We have branched out into sound and will soon be branching out in to vision as well.


Our new author Virginia Waytes (naughtier alter-ego of Natasha Duncan-Drake) has her own podcast:

Virginia Waytes’ Sexy Stories Podcast

Virginia Waytes' Sexy Stories Podcast

Sexy Stories, as the name suggests, is a weekly podcast with tales of the naughty adventures or many varied and interesting characters.

The Manor is a serial with 12 episode seasons (season 1 was completed Apr-Jun 2020, season 2 coming end of 2020) about the sensual, exciting and sexy adventures of the residents of the aforementioned Manor, an adult only club nestles in the heart of the English countryside, that just happens to be the home of many different supernatural beings. Along with the podcast there are eBooks to expands and enrich the story.

During the season breaks each episode has stand-alone stories from Virginia or guest authors to keep everyone entertained.


Natasha Duncan-Drake has her own YouTube channel with exclusive fiction read aloud for everyone’s viewing pleasure. Every week there are 5 new stories.

  • Monday – Thursday: Youtube shorts, 1 minute stories
  • Friday: A longer story, usually between 15-30 minutes

Every week has a new theme, and the stories are packaged up into an eBook for those who wish to acquire copies to add to their collection.

Tales with Tasha

Tales with Tasha - Youtube