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Pseudonyms: Tasha D-Drake, Tasha Duncan


Natasha is a British author with Wittegen Press and has been publishing genre fiction since 2011. Her work includes everything from horror to young adult fantasy and she has never met a genre she didn’t like. A prolific producer of short stories and novels alike, Natasha currently has over twenty five titles in her back catalogue with further releases always imminent.

Natasha has been writing since she was a young girl ever since she read The Hobbit at Primary School. She is a big fan of science fiction, fantasy and horror in all their forms and is a big advocate of fanfiction as a great tool for writers to polish their skills in a welcoming and supportive community.

Before establishing Wittegen Press with her twin sister, Sophie Duncan, Natasha was a database and systems consultant. She combines these skills with her writing to create and manage her career in the bold new eBook market.

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Happy Halloween!

Greetings lovelies, I hope we are all having a fun and spooky time this 31st October! It's Halloween when the ghouls and the ghosts, the sprites and the spirits all come out to play and that means:


As usual, Soph and I have put together a small anthology of 2 ghost stories to give away in support of All Hallows Read.

Title: We All Fall Down
Author: Sophie Duncan & Natasha Duncan-Drake
Genre: horror, ghost
Length: 2 Short Stories
Coupon Code: QF26Z
Join us as a lone grad student braves the silence in the restricted books section of her campus library and all the mystery it contains, or as a witch dares to investigate the cryptic darkness on the third floor of her local tea room.
Both are fraught with danger and the icy spark of fear. Come in and find out why.

How to get your free book:

  1. Click the link We All Fall Down and visit Smashwords.
  2. Click the buy link to add the book to your cart.
  3. Put the coupon Code QF26Z into to box on the checkout screen.
  4. Click "Apply Coupons"
  5. Click "checkout" and the book will available for download.
We very much hope you enjoy the book and our spooky little tales.

Coffee Morning in Aid of Cancer Research UK

Sophie and I, along with another author friend, are hosting a coffee morning on 10th November 2018 between 10am and 1pm at my house, in Chartham near Canterbury, Kent, UK. If you happen to be in the area, we will be selling our books, as well as homemade cakes, drinks, a raffle, cream teas and we'll be doing readings as well. All the proceeds from the food etc are going to Cancer Research UK and £1 from every book sale is also going to the charity.

Both our families have had to deal with cancer in one way or another, so we wanted to do something to help the wonderful work carrier out by Cancer Research UK.

Full details can be found at our website here: Creatives Against Cancer

We also have a Just Giving page for those who can't be with us, but would like to contribute to the charity. Many thanks.
Author: Natasha Duncan-Drake
Posted: October 31, 2018, 9:10 am

Every day in October I will be posting a horror/paranormal drabble (100 word story) inspired by a Shakespeare Quote. 
Good morrow my dear friends, with a quote like this one, of course I went with vampires 🙂

What light through yonder window breaks

"While the chase has been delightful, my dear, I tire of it. Surrender, you will enjoy it."

Paul backed off, but thudded into the wall. When Hector had come for him, he had run, but now there was nowhere to go. It was ironic that a vampire claimed to love the son of a vampire hunter.

Paul was sure Hector had no idea what love really was.

He closed his eyes as the monster stepped in closer. He expected a bite, what he got was a scream as daylight crept over the windowsill.

Maybe his plan had worked after all.

If anyone would like to join in, please do!
Author: Natasha Duncan-Drake
Posted: October 24, 2018, 6:24 pm
Writerly Wednesdays - Blood Sacrifice: The Avebury Legacy, Cover Reveal - has a book cover with a bow obscuring most of it.

Cover Reveal - Blood Sacrifice: The Avebury Legacy

So I'm converting Blood Sacrifice: The Avebury Legacy, my dark contemporary fantasy novel, into paperback and so I'm redesigning the cover for the 5th time. Yes, I do seem to have had trouble with this one when it comes to the cover, but I'm really pleased with the new one.

This one is all vampires and vampire hunting and magic with New Adult age characters in the lead and older characters backing them up.

I'm editing it yet again as I convert it, and for the paperback, The Beginning: Blood and Curses, which is the prequel about how Nate and Lexie met, is included for free.

So here we have it, the new front cover:


Animal from the Muppets, madly banging his drums.

Blood Sacrifice: The Avebury Legacy

Deep orange red sunset in the background, with a close up of young man hugging his knees and looking at the viewer with red eyes. Over this is the silouette of a woman with a crossbow and a fallen vampire. Over the top are the title Blood Sacrifice: The Avebury Legacy and Natasha Duncan-Drake.

Deep orange red sunset in the background across from and back, darkening over the back. There is a close up of young man hugging his knees and looking at the viewer with red eyes on the front. Over this is the silouette of a woman with a crossbow and a fallen vampire. Over the top are the title Blood Sacrifice: The Avebury Legacy and Natasha Duncan-Drake. At the back is the blurb and a bio of the author.
As you can see I had to change the outline of the female figure between the eBook and the paperback because, although I prefer the colour for the paperback to marry it into the background, it just doesn't show up well small. which the eBook has to.

As you can tell this one is designed using the Rule of Thirds rather than the golden ratio. The sunset, for example is bang on the cross of 1 third down and 1 third from the right :D.

Anyway, I hope you like it.
Author: Natasha Duncan-Drake
Posted: October 24, 2018, 7:00 am

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