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Pseudonyms: Tasha D-Drake, Tasha Duncan


Natasha is a British author with Wittegen Press and has been publishing genre fiction since 2011. Her work includes everything from horror to young adult fantasy and she has never met a genre she didn’t like. A prolific producer of short stories and novels alike, Natasha currently has over twenty five titles in her back catalogue with further releases always imminent.

Natasha has been writing since she was a young girl ever since she read The Hobbit at Primary School. She is a big fan of science fiction, fantasy and horror in all their forms and is a big advocate of fanfiction as a great tool for writers to polish their skills in a welcoming and supportive community.

Before establishing Wittegen Press with her twin sister, Sophie Duncan, Natasha was a database and systems consultant. She combines these skills with her writing to create and manage her career in the bold new eBook market.

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Survival of the Fittest

by Natasha Duncan-Drake

Lil is the Sheriff of a small rural town and its chief witch - she keeps the balance between the supernaturals and the humans. When Dan Winters, alpha male of the local werewolf pack, shows up dead, she must prevent a supernatural showdown.


I know it's been a while since I have posted anything and I wanted to let everyone know that it's not because I have abandonned this blog. I will be coming back properly late July/early August and hopefully I will also get a few posts in before then.

My Dad is having chemo for prostate cancer at the moment and he has just had his penultimate dose of six. This sometimes leaves him unable to get out of bed, let alone drive and my Mum doesn't have a licence, which, during the week, leaves me as the only person who can drive her shopping etc. I also have to take my Dad to all his appointments. This has been eating into my time.

I've also finally admitted that it has been stressing me out as well. The whole family is affected by it and it has eaten a lot of my get up and go. Especially when my Dad collapsed a few weeks back and had to be admitted to hospital. He's much better now and they have him on all the good drugs to see him through, but the side effect of one of those drugs is that it makes him even more tired, so he's not really up to doing much except in the last week before his next treatment (they are every three weeks). Hence even more of the rest of the family having to pitch in.

All his results are good, except for the fatigue, and his consultant is very possitive and is pretty sure the cancer is beaten. So we're all breathing a sigh of relief and looking to the finishing gate.

To any who are going through similar things, my heart goes out to you. This is something that is very hard to understand until it is your family that is going through it. I never really understood how it puts a toll on those around the person having treatment as well as the one who is ill. When my Mum had breast cancer nearly 15 years ago my Dad was always there as the pillar of strength to take the strain.

Best wishes to all and see you soon on the blog.
Author: Natasha Duncan-Drake
Posted: June 22, 2017, 10:08 am

5 Reasons Why You Should Publish An Ebook Box Set

by Tiffany Shand

Traditional publishers have been giving way print box sets of books for years, but have you ever thought of bundling your e-books together and publishing them as a box set? Who doesn’t love getting a series all in one go?

What are e-book box sets? E-book box sets are a file made up of three or more books or stories by one or more authors.

Why you should consider publishing a box set:

1. Great opportunity

Box sets are a great opportunity for authors to publish their books together in one set because to increase their sales by selling a completed series for a discounted price. They are also a great way of collaborating with other authors by promoting each other’s work. Plus you’re inviting new readers to read other books that you may have written.

2. Increased visibility 

Publishing your books together in one place is a great way of getting more people to notice your books by publishing them in different categories or on different e-book platforms such as or iBooks, rather than just publishing on Amazon.

3. Value

Box sets are considered much more valuable than single titles because readers are getting more for their money by buying your books for a discounted price.

4. Easier to market

Box sets are much easier to market than single titles because you don’t have to put all of your efforts into each book, you can do all of your marketing and promoting on one product. It’s also easier to get into places such as Bookbub.

5. It’s another stream of income

As an indie author, it’s important to have multiple streams of income when it comes to your writing business. Bundling your books together as an e-book boxer is another valuable stream of income as box sets often sell better than single titles.

Book Info

Shifter Clan Series
by Tiffany Shand

The Alpha’s Daughter

After being kidnapped as a child, Christy Daine was sent away from her shifter clan to live among humans. For over a decade she has lived in fear of the people who tried to kill her. Living with her bodyguard, Ronan, the two embark on a secret relationship that could get them both killed.

When her father, the alpha of all the clans demands she return home to marry a man he’s chosen for her, Christy will finally have to face her past and her true nature. Danger lurks around every corner and even Ronan might not be the man she thought he was.

As the alpha’s daughter, can she really choose between the man she loves and the man she is supposed to be with? And who can she really trust?

Alpha Ascending

After watching her family be slaughtered by the man chosen to be the next alpha, Christy has to turn to the only people left on the island for help. The outsiders are considered outcasts by the shifter clans and were blamed for her mother’s death years earlier.

With Ronan imprisoned, no allies and nowhere else to turn, Christy must learn to trust the people she once viewed as enemies and discover who is really friend or foe. To do that Christy must learn to accept who and what she and discover secrets long buried among the clans if she’s to save Ronan and their future.

Only she can become the true alpha and bring the clans together before it’s too late.

The Alpha’s Curse

Christy should be happy now she’s finally with the man she loves, but enemies still cover the island sanctuary that the shifter clans call home. After discovering her brother may still be alive, Christy must go back to the man responsible for killing her family and into the heart of danger.

Now the alpha, she must find a way to stop the people who seeks to destroy all shifters, bring together the clans and the outsiders and stop the centuries old Alpha’s Curse before it can destroy every shifter in existence.

About the Author
Tiffany Shand started writing short stories when she was a child. She has always done writing in one form or another and started writing novels in her early teens.

Tiffany loves to read books and discovered her love for fantasy and paranormal romance.  She writes both non-fiction and fiction, and love helping writers to build their author platforms.

After doing a creative writing course in her early 20s, she is now a freelance writer and professional editor.

Tiffany lives in Essex with her two spoiled cats and one very nutty hamster.

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Author: Natasha Duncan-Drake
Posted: June 14, 2017, 11:00 pm

Welcome to Day 26 of the AtoZChallenge and the letter Z. Every day in April (except Sundays) I will be making a post about shapeshifters of all kinds. Check back to see my choices and, from time to time some flash fiction too.

Z is for 


Z is usually a harder letter to fill, but with my theme it was so easy I have two shapechangers for you today. My first is Zenobia, played by Margaret Whiting, from Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger.

She is a sorceress and the evil stepmother of Prince Kassim of Charak and wishes her own son Rafi to take the thrown instead of Kassim. To do this she transforms Kassim into a baboon. Luckily for him Sinbad is docked so he can ask for permission to marry Kassim's sister, Princess Farah, and so he comes to the rescue.

It is not just Prince Kassim's shape Zenobia can change, but her own as well. She uses a potion which allows her to shift into any form she wishes. At one point she changes into a bird to get to their ship and then makes herself small, but is captured. She is later left with a bird foot after she uses the bird form a second time, but most of her potion is spilled.

The film is one of Ray Harryhausen's and has many of his wonderful special effects.


Zygons are aliens from the wonderful Doctor Who. They use technology as part of their shape changing.

A Zygon can use what they call a body-print of an individual to mimic voice and appearance. They create this print by placing the captive in a special receptical, keeping the person alive but unconscious. In this version of the technology, a new print was required every two hours.

Over time this ability became more advanced, leading to not necessarily needing the specemin in the special receptical and then also being able to maintain the shape of a deceased person, with the proviso of not needing anymore information from the individual.

This makes them a formidable enemy for the Doctor and his friends.

Werewolf of the Day

Richard Zeeman (Anita Blake Vampire Hunter)

Richard is the Ulfric (leader) of the Thronnos Rokke Clan from St Louis. He was originally the Geri (second in command) to Marcus, but killed him to take the position after having spared him once.

He was engaged to Anita for a while, but broke it off after she slept with Jean-Claude. He is the third member of their triumvirate, which gives them all a great deal of power.

Anita calls him a "boy scout", in that he is polite and kind, but his wolf has a thing for violence and pain, which keeps him from accepting his other nature fully. He is a very powerful werewolf, able to control members of his pack and to protect them.

He is a junior high school teacher and, as such, keeps his status as a werewolf a secret. He did not choose to become one, but was turned by a bad batch of anti-lycanthrope vaccine. He is honey coloured, heading towards red as a wolf.

Richard is basically a bit of a bad ass when it comes to werewolf business and likes to think the best of people in all other situations.

And we're there - thank you so much for sticking with me over the AtoZ. See you for the reflections post.
  • So would you rather be up against Zenobia or a Zygon?
  • If you were a werewolf and found that your wolf form had urges completely at odds with your normal self, how do you think you would deal with it?

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Author: Natasha Duncan-Drake
Posted: April 29, 2017, 11:00 pm

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