Curse of A Banshee (Darwell [Magical] Cleaning Services #1) (Contemporary Fantasy)

Curse of A Banshee (Darwell [Magical] Cleaning Services #1) (Contemporary Fantasy)

Curse of a Banshee - magical crime scene clean-up is a low fae job, doesn't require much magic and, if you know what you're doing, isn't dangerous. So B is expecting an ordinary night 'at the office' when she deploys her team on a large tidying job in the middle of an English woodland. However, when she rescues a djinn boy from the criminals trying to enslave him, her own djinn and banshee heritages mean her own life and those of her team are put in mortal peril.

About the Book

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B, a djinn/banshee low fae, runs Darwell Cleaning Services, a business that specializes in tidying up magical crime scenes. She’s managed her company with her friend and business partner, Jean, for over one hundred years without any complaints, or problems. She keeps her head down and offers a job to those whom higher fae look down on for their lack of personal magic.

B and her team are expecting an ordinary night of clean-up when they arrive at the aftermath of a spell battle in the middle of an English woodland. However, when a terrified djinn boy appears in the middle of their job, B finds the mix of her djinn and banshee instincts, which she normally keeps under strict control, beginning to rise. The boy is not alone, he is being chased by criminals intent on selling him to become a genie, the same gang who took B’s father a century earlier.

B must struggle with her own unsettled powers and fight the slavers for the boy’s freedom, risking her own life and those of her friends in the process.

Curse of a Banshee is fast-paced fantasy taking a fresh look at ancient powers in a contemporary British setting.

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