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AtoZ Challenge 2015 Wittegen Press MAtoZChallenge 2015: M is for Mailing List

Congrats to everyone making it to day 13 of the AtoZ and welcome to Wittegen Press. We’re talking about why some of our books were created. Today Natasha Duncan-Drake is talking about her book Assassin’s Blood.

So, ‘mailing list’ – we’ve had a mailing list at Wittegen Press for a while and we wanted to:

  1. say thank you to our current subscribers for sticking with us
  2. provide an incentive for people to join

We decided pretty early on that we would both write them a short story (although Soph’s turned into a novella, but there you go ;)). However, we weren’t sure what genre to go with, so we polled the mailing list and asked them. The top two genre’s chosen were paranormal and contemporary fantasy.

Since I love all things paranormal I took that genre and Assassin’s Blood was born.  I went in knowing that I wanted my protagonist to be female, that she is bisexual, but the most important relationship shown in the book is lesbian. Then I couldn’t decide between vampires or werewolves, so I thought it would be fun to go with both.

Do you remember the internet before Tumblr and Facebook, before Livejournal even, back in the depths of time when most communication was via mailing lists or bulletin boards?

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Assassins Blood by Natasha Duncan-DrakeAssassin’s Blood by Natasha Duncan-Drake

Meet Kira Roltof, or rather Jasmin Welby at the moment because she’s undercover. Kira’s an assassin with a sense of humour that’s almost as dangerous as she is. When hunting down her targets it helps that she’s a vampire/werewolf hybrid and has been at the killing game for over seventy years. Practice makes perfect and all that jazz.

Of course her combined species status could just as easily get her killed as help her out. If either the vampires or the werewolves figure out she’s both, she’ll never be safe again.

Her latest target is a Mafia big shot. Nothing she can’t handle easily, except she runs into a little snag of the vampire persuasion at the end of the job.

Assassin’s Blood is a short story full of paranormal intrigue and action with a little bit of romance to round it off.

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By Tasha

Author, publisher and cover designer; co-owner of Wittegen Press.


    1. They are very useful when you have things to announce 🙂 We use our to announce special offers, new books and competitions and we try to only send out mail with useful information in it 🙂

    1. I remember when everything was mailing lists – I think I prefer it now, although I think the best time for communication was when LiveJournal ruled 🙂

    1. How is it not working? Are you getting an error message? Maybe mailchimp is having a moment… The mailchimp widget seems to have blown it’s brains out so I’ve added in hand coded embedded forms to get round it – it should work now 🙂 Thank you for letting us know or we never would have known.

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