AtoZChallenge 2015: O is for Obsession

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AtoZ Challenge 2015 Wittegen Press OAtoZChallenge 2015: O is for Obsession

Welcome to day 15 of the 2015 AtoZChallenge, we hope you are still enjoying it. Today Natasha Duncan-Drake will be talking about why obsession brought about her novel The Avebury Legacy.

The Avebury Legacy is a vampire novel and I love writing about vampires. I don’t let myself do it all the time, but this was a wonderful indulgence that I had a lot of fun with. Obsession is a relatively strong word, but it went with ‘O’ and I have been accused of having a vampire obsession for a long time 😉 .

I collect vampire movies and have over 190 of them. The reason I have been accused of obsession is because several of them are really, really terrible 😀 . A lot of them aren’t, but, boy, some are real stinkers, but I keep them because I have a collection. There is only one thing that will make be throw away a vampire movie – my cardinal rule – it might be cheesy, it might have terrible acting, it might have a plot with so many holes it looks like Swiss cheese, all that I can forgive, but I can never forgive making vampires boring!

I’m not so much a collector of vampire books, although I still love them, but I am a much more picky reader. I would say my taste is eclectic rather than specific when it comes to reading.

I’ve already done a series where there is a vampire as a romantic lead (I’ll be talking about that for V), so in Vampires: The New Age I wanted the vampires to be very bad. I was thinking of films like Vampires, Dusk ‘Til Dawn and Salem’s Lot when I designed these vampires with their hive like structure, rather than something romantic like Only Lovers Left Alive.

Do you have an obsession? Will you share it with us?

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  • I am amazed there are 190 vampire movies and you can’t have them all. So you must not be the only one who is obsessed.

  • I prefer the term “special interest,” given the negative connotations and assumptions with “obsession,” particularly as they apply to my fellow Aspies. My greatest special interest is definitely history, with sub-categories of Russian history, silent film, 20th century U.S. and European history, the American Civil War, and prehistory. I’ve also got special interests in world languages, religions, and names.

    • I like ‘special interest’ 🙂 I’ve always thought history is fascinating. Your special interests all seem very intellectual – I wish I could master languages, but I don’t seem to be very good at it. My sister loves looking at language evolution – she created us a magical language to use in our Haward Mysteries books.

  • That’s some movie collection you have. The only thing I have nearly 200 of would have to be books. I clearly have a book obsession. Oh, and I think I have a shoe obsession, a jean short obsession and I definitely have an index card and post it note obsession. I sound obsessive, now that I see it all in black and white.

    I like vampire books and movies, but not even close to obsessed. I enjoy the forbidden romance plot. Romance between a vampire and human, like Buffy & Angel or Bill Compton and Sookie. I also liked Sookie and Eric and Buffy & Spike.


    • I may have a DVD problem too … the 197 is only the vampire ones – my husband and I have over 2000 DVDs and blu-rays and most of them were bought at my instigation 🙂 Post-it notes are awesome! My mother loves shoes, but I’ve never been much interested because I can’t wear most of them.

      Forbidden romance can be fun, but I do get fed up of all the love triangles 🙂

  • I’m not obsessed with vampires, but they are my favorite monsters. A lot of my stories have vampires in them and always twist the myth a different way.

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