AtoZChallenge 2015: V is for Vampires

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AtoZ Challenge 2015 Wittegen Press VAtoZChallenge 2015: V is for Vampires

Welcome to Wittegen Press, this year our theme for the AtoZ is ‘Why’. Today Natasha Duncan-Drake will be talking about why she wrote her Soul Reader Series.

There is a very simple answer to ‘why’ today and that is the title of the post: vampires. I love them. I have spoken about my obsession for the letter ‘O’ so today I am simply going to talk about vampires.

Vampires range from mouldering in the grave hideous things that are all monster and very little human, to handsome, suave romantic leads who might have a few powers and fangs.

I adore the whole range and it is why I love to write about them. No matter what the mainstream media would like everyone to believe, vampires are not just Twilight and it is the range that makes them awesome.

For the Soul Reader Series I went with vampires that are not good, but neither are they snarling evil, and yes, the romantic lead end of the spectrum. My vampires in this are a range, just like the human beings they once were, and I really enjoyed playing with their background and social structure. I also tried to make John, my human character, as interesting as the vampires.

Are you a vampire fan? Do you prefer your vampires snarly and bad, or hot and romantic, or somewhere in the middle?

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