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AtoZ Challenge 2015 Wittegen Press YAtoZChallenge 2015: Y is for Yuck

We are almost at the end, well done to everyone for nearly making it. Over here at Wittegen Press we are discussing the ‘why’ behind our books. Today, Natasha Duncan-Drake is going to talk about why ‘yuck’ means something to her.

So I love horror, at least supernatural horror. My favourite is a good ghost story, but I do enjoy monsters as well. That is why ‘yuck’ came to mind for my short story ‘The Crosses We Bear’. This was written for the Giveaway Games and I wanted to write something that would make my audience shy away and go ‘yuck’ or ‘ewww’.

This is the traditional story of outsiders who mess with something they do not understand and pay the consequences.

I simply let myself enjoy writing this one. The male protagonist really isn’t a very nice man so I hope the reader kind of enjoys it when he gets his comeuppance 😈 . There are actually two monsters and I hope the first makes people shudder and the second screw up their nose and murmur ‘yuck’.

Do you like horror? Are you fond of monsters? Which is your favourite horror monster? I think mine is The Thing – makes me shudder every time.

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The Crosses We Bear by Natasha Duncan-DrakeThe Crosses We Bear by Natasha Duncan-Drake

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Lyle is a businessman on a team building weekend in Scotland. The hotel is bad, the company is worse and he could have been in the South of France on a yacht.

When he decides to sleep with his ex-wife, another of the executives, it’s nothing extraordinary, but they really should have left the crosses in Lyle’s room alone.

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By Tasha

Author, publisher and cover designer; co-owner of Wittegen Press.


  1. While monsters and horror aren’t my first choice in reading material, I like a good fright once in a while. Some of Stephen King’s stuff has kept up at night.

    1. Stephen King really knows how to write a good scare 🙂 Have you seen Rose Red – it’s brilliant and the only one he actually wrote specifically for TV. It’s about a house where men die and women disappear and a psychic investigation crew who go in to try and capture the phenomena within it.

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