Ariana Lovelle

Ariana Lovelle is a sobriquet of British author Sophie Duncan, for writing erotic stories to entertain those who enjoy the risqué side of genre literature.
She concentrates on paranormal and fantasy erotic romance, so you can expect magical sex, supernatural creatures and immortal love.

Reunion: Dancing with the Spirits

Reunion: Dancing with the Spirits

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Dying, broken, his identity lost, one man has fought his way out of the hands of his kidnappers. Tortured by the Collectors for control of his magic, he has only one goal left: to heal the place they had ripped him away from. He remembers that pool and the spirits living within its waters. Yet, Owen has been hoping and praying for the return of this man, and he is determined to wake Manu’s memories.
Love has to be stronger than the pain both of them have been through, but will it be enough to mend all the damage the Collectors have left behind?

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