The Machine (Rise of the Gifted) Figure Skating Romance

The Machine (Rise of the Gifted) Figure Skating Romance
Series: The Gifted, Book 1
Genres: Adult, Gay, LGBTQIA, Romance, Science Fiction, SciFi Romance, Telepathy and Telekinesis
Tags: No Explicit Content, Novella (17.5K-40K), Wittegen Press
Publisher: Wittegen Press
Publication Year: 2016
Length: Novella

Men in black aren't usually associated with figure skating, but when MiBs try to arrest men's champion Louis Hayes, his ex-rival Rafe Derouet finds out to his cost that telepathic x-files really do exist.

About the Book

SciFi Figure Skating Romance

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Rafe Derouet used to be a world class, British figure skater competing against his arch rival, flamboyant American Louis Hayes. A catastrophic knee injury ended his career and now all he can do is look on from the sidelines, commentating where he used to be a star. He hates Louis and wants nothing more than to see his nemesis go down in a blaze of failure.

Then mysterious men in black with guns take over a press meet, trying to arrest Louis, awakening something dangerous in their target, and setting in motion events they cannot control. Most shocking of all, Rafe finds out Louis can literally read his mind.

Dragged into a murky world of government agents and x-files by one of those x-files, Rafe finds his world view completely changing. And, along the way, his hatred for Louis proves to be something else entirely.

Now Rafe just needs to survive so he can decide what to do about it.

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