Lamb in Wolf’s Clothing – Natasha Duncan-Drake

Lamb in Wolf's Clothing - Free Fiction Friday

We’re launching a podcast very soon – Sexy Stories with Virginia Waytes – who will be narrating the naughty bits from a new paranormal series called The Manor. The Manor being a supernatural hot-bed and adult-only, exclusive members club in the middle of the English countryside.

The Manor will be episodic, with the first season being 12 episodes long and each episode consisting of:

  •  the podcast with introductions and narration of the naughty scenes by Virginia
  • an eBook to enrich the story and universe as well as including the sexy parts from the podcast.

More details on this will be coming soon!

However, if you would like a taster of the world of The Manor this month’s Free Fiction Friday is the first chapter of episode 1. No naughty bits in this one, you’ll have to wait for those 😎, but we get to meet Lucy, the proprietress of The Manor and several of her friends and colleagues.

Lamb in Wolf’s Clothing – Free Fiction Friday version

Lamb in Wolf's Clothing by Virginia Waytes

The Manor is a sanctuary for many supernaturals and a new face means new mysteries to solve and new danger to come.

This story has adult concepts, but no explicit content.

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