Long Shadow (The Burning Web Drabble) DC81 – ‘staple’

Drabble CascadeThis is a short fiction for my ghost story, The Burning Web. A drabble is a fiction of exactly 100 words.

Long Shadow

by Sophie Duncan

 Abdi had become such a common occurrence in his dreams, that, as he woke with the youth’s dead stare in his mind’s eye, Tris recognised the grief that came with the memory like it was something necessary to live. This staple haunted him, feeding, freshening his guilt, and, in that moment of waking, he hung on to it, reminding himself that he was alive and Abdi was not.

And it was his fault.

He lay silent, letting Xander sleep. Something had woken him. Fear creeping in, he turned his head to the corner and met those now undead eyes directly.


The Burning Web

The Burning Web by Sophie Duncan
The Burning Web

Something more than guilt is haunting ex-copper, Tris McCall, when he and his husband, Xander, refurbish a crumbling Victorian mansion, Berwick House. Faced with disbelief and medical explanations for the spectral visitations from both his doctors and his partner, Tris must decide if it is the damage left by the brain injury he has suffered, or something darker that is speaking to him. Can he trust his own senses, and if he can, what are they telling him?

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