M – Most Magical Mage – Literary Smackdown #AtoZChallenge 2016

Welcome to day 13 of the AtoZChallenge 2016 and the letter M. Now we had a lot of options for today, but in the end we have gone for high fantasy and legend and we ask you to cast your vote for the Most Magical Mage in our Literary Smackdown.

Who will you vote for in Literary Smackdown

  • Morgan le Fay
    Morgan le Fay, also known as Morgana has many other names and origins in Arthurian legend, but her most famous role is as King Arthur’s half sister (they share a mother).  She is a powerful sorceress, who hates Guinevere, and is instrumental in Arthur’s downfall, but is also one of the sorceresses who sees him to his rest on the Isle of Avalon. Whatever her origins, Morgan is definitely one thing, a very powerful mage, a strong woman with her own will and who chooses her own path. In a legendary world dominated by men, she made her mark.


  • Merlin
    Probably the most famous sorcerer of all time, Merlin was teacher and guide to King Arthur.  His origins are sketchy, some suggest he was raised by the fey, others that he was born of a virgin and a demon. He was said to have the power of prophecy as well as being a powerful mage, who was known for his shapeshifting abilities. Merlin is a cornerstone of the Arthurian Legend,
Vote for the Most Magical Mage:

Morgan le Fay


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It has been running since 2010 and was thought up by the lovely Arlee Bird who put out a challenge and it has grown and grown since. It is a superb way to meet other bloggers and to have a huge amount of fun.

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