Our Affiliates

Here are our wonderful affiliates.

  • Indie Snippets
    • A place for book lovers to see snippets of indie novels.
  • Thematic Literary Magazine
    • Thematic Literary Magazine has been created to help new and  amazing writers become professional authors.  Anyone who is familiar with the writing career path knows that being published is the only way to become established. We offer a friendly, competitive and helpful environment where writers can become professionals through hard work, networking and accomplishment.
  • Colin Litten-Brown
    • A fellow author of genre fiction and a good friend.
  • Scribble Desk
    • ScribbleDesk is a website showcasing the work of Neha Garg (published and unpublished) in addition to serving as a platform for writers to receive constructive criticism on their work
  • Erotica For All
      • For Readers, Writers and everyone in between. A great website for connecting authors to readers in the erotic fiction genre.
Affiliate Blogs
If you would like to become an affiliate with Wittegen Press, please visit our How to Become an Affiliate page.
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