AtoZChallenge 2015: A is for Agatha Christie

AtoZ Header Wittegen Press

AtoZ Challenge 2015: A is for Agatha Christie Greetings to the first of our blog posts in honour of the A to Z Challenge 2015. Thanks to everyone who have spent months organising this fantastic yearly event where we bloggers go nuts and post 26 pieces in 30 days (we get Sundays off). So, our theme here at Wittegen Press […]

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AtoZChallenge 2015 – Theme Reveal

AtoZ Theme Reveal Header - Wittegen Press

AtoZChallenge 2015 – Theme Reveal Welcome to Wittegen Press for our theme reveal for this year’s AtoZChallenge. Our theme this year is simply titled ‘Why?’. We have decided to talk about why we wrote some of our books and what inspired them. Each day has a theme word beginning with the letter for that day and the author of a […]

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