AtoZChallenge 2015 – Theme Reveal

AtoZ Theme Reveal Header - Wittegen Press

AtoZChallenge 2015 – Theme Reveal

Welcome to Wittegen Press for our theme reveal for this year’s AtoZChallenge.

Our theme this year is simply titled ‘Why?’.

AtoZ Badge - Wittegen PressWe have decided to talk about why we wrote some of our books and what inspired them. Each day has a theme word beginning with the letter for that day and the author of a book inspired by that word will be writing a post. There will be insights into our authors’ minds (possibly not always a good thing ;)) and each day the book in question will be FREE for those 24hrs.

Below is a list of our theme prompts and the days on which they are scheduled (and yes, on a couple of them we may have cheated a little ;)). To see which books were inspired by these words and why, check back in April for all our posts.

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
// // // 01 (A) 02 (B) 03 (C) 04 (D)
 Agatha Christie Blank Sheet  Collaboration Dragon
05 06 (E) 07 (F) 08 (G) 09 (H) 10 (I) 11 (J)
 Erotica Fanfic Ghost Hop Insanity Job
12 13 (K) 14 (L) 15 (M) 16 (N) 17 (O) 18 (P)
 Kick Left Turn Mailing List New Adult Obsession Philanthropy
219 20 (Q) 21 (R) 22 (S) 23 (T) 24 (U) 25 (V)
 Quickie Re-Imagining Samling Tom Hiddleston Unapologetic Vampires
26 27 (W) 28 (X) 29 (Y) 30 (Z) // //
 Welcome eXplore Yuck  Zachęcić (encourage)

Our other AtoZ theme reveals today: Tasha’s Thinkings | Sophie’s Thought and FumblesFB3X (AC)

Click here to see the main theme reveal post and everyone else taking part.

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    By Tasha

    Author, publisher and cover designer; co-owner of Wittegen Press.


      1. A little bit 😉 Soph and I actually have four blogs between us, one personal one each and two we share and so, if you add it up, we really only have two whole ones to worry about each ::g::. Welcome to the newsletter, I very much hope you enjoy the free eBooks.

      2. I like to think of it as ‘adventurous’ ;p And, as Tash said, we’re mainly sharing the load 🙂 Enjoy the A to Z, welcome to the newsletter, and we hope you like the free eBooks.

    1. Wow – I am going to love this, Natasha! It is always intriguing to get into a writer’s mind to see the process that went into writing a book! I am looking forward to reading these posts!

      1. I think it’s healthy to ask ourselves why every so often during a project, it keeps us focused on what we’re writing. Good luck with your superstitious fics 🙂

      1. As Soph said, ‘yuck’ definitely grabbed us. One of us just happened to say it when we were discussing possible prompts and we both grinned and that was it 🙂 .

      1. It’s the spirit that counts! 😉 I feel having to duck into the Polish language (thank you google) was a particular stretch, however. 😀

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