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I love superheroes so I knew sooner or later I would write a book with them in 🙂 . So today I am very pleased to announce my new book Dreams and Reality is available for purchase at most  of the major eBook retailers.

If you would like to know more about the inspirations behind the Dark Reflections series, pop back to this blog on the 23rd of April for the letter T on the AtoZChallenge, because I will be talking all about it.

This book took a very long time to write, mostly because I just couldn’t finish it to make a novel I was willing to publish. I had 2/3rds of it written just after the first book in the series, Me, Myself and I (permanently FREE so pick it up now), was published back in 2012, but I didn’t know how to complete it. I am very glad to say that at the end of last year inspiration finally struck and I was able to create something I could be proud of.

Thank you to everyone who has waited so patiently. It already has 2 5* reviews over at Goodreads and I hope everyone else will enjoy it as well. Scroll down to hear the first part of the book read by me.

About the Book
Title: Dreams and Reality: Superheroes, Sex and Succour
Series: Dark Reflections
Author: Natasha Duncan-Drake
Word count: ~50K
Genre: Sci-fi, Fantasy, Romance, Gay, Bisexual
Published: March 30th 2015

Tristan Havering believes all the crazy things he experienced in an alternative dimension, real-world version of the superhero saga ‘Power Up’ were a dream brought on by concussion; he’s about to find out how terrifyingly wrong he is.

Four months after the steamy, narcissistic liaison he shared with Devon, the supervillain he plays in the movies, dangerous things begin spilling over into his world, and Tristan has no choice but to believe the impossible: superheroes and supervillains are real.

His only hope is Devon, mercurial and unstable, once driven completely out of his mind by his own power, but will he help Tristan a second time? Tristan has no choice but to frantically reach out and return to Devon’s crazy reality or face insanity at the whim of a power he cannot hope to control.

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Chapter 1 Part 1 of Dreams and Reality read by Natasha Duncan-Drake



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