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Lone Wolf by Natasha Duncan-Drake #FreeFictionFriday #Werewolves

Lone Wolf - Free Fiction Friday

It’s Free Fiction Friday – the first Friday of the month, and that means a new, exclusive, free story for all our wonderful subscribers. This month it is a lighthearted tale about a werewolf – Lone Wolf by Natasha Duncan-Drake. Thank you so much for supporting us month after month, we hope you enjoy our little offerings. This Month’s Story […]

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Immortal Hearts – #FreeFictionFriday – Feb 2020

Immortal Hearts - Free Fiction Friday by Natasha Duncan-Drake

It’s February, the month of 💖love💖, but what would happen if that love spanned millennia, not just years? For Free Fiction Friday this month we have a tale of immortals and their continuing love through the centuries. If you have not heard of Free Fiction Friday, every month, we at Wittegen Press give away a free short story to the […]

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New Cover for Shivers: 13 Tales of Terror

Feature Image for Shivers Cover Reaveal

We are excited to reveal that Shivers: 13 Tales of Terror has a beautiful new cover. Unfortunately, although the old one was also beautiful and looks lovely on websites, we discovered it does not print as well as we had hoped when it comes to the paperback version of the book. Hence we decided to invest in a new one. […]

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Beyond Death – Tales of the Macabre #FreeBook #Halloween

Free Book

It’s Halloween and this year we are continuing the tradition of giving away a free eBook with spooky stories to all our lovely trick-or-treaters. This year we have two tales that look past death into the terror that lies beyond! The Cup Runneth Over by Natasha Duncan-Drake You have been tempted into places unknown and there are things lurking in […]

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Midnight Feast – Natasha Duncan-Drake – #LuckOfTheDraw #GhostStory

Luck of the Draw 01 - Midnight Feast by Natasha Duncan-Drake

Midnight Feast Natasha Duncan-Drake Luck of the Draw #1 A/N: Hello and welcome to my new series Luck of the Draw. These are flash fiction in random genres written just for fun to get over times of writers block. What links them together is that they are all inspired by a set of storytelling dice given to me by a friend […]

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The Storm by Natasha Duncan-Drake #FreeFictionFriday

Free Fiction Friday - The Storm by Natasha Duncan-Drake

It’s not quite Halloween yet, but we all know October is the month for ghoulies and ghosties, right? 🎃 This month’s Free Fiction Friday is a ghostly tale of love and loss to chill the spine and tug the heart strings. Not heard of Free Fiction Friday? It’s simple, every month on the first Friday we give our subscribers a […]

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Monsters by Natasha Duncan-Drake #FreeFictionFriday

Inverted image of dead roses in purples and blues with the titles "Monsters" and "Free Fiction Friday" over the top

We have reached July! We hope all our US visitors had a splendid 4th July yesterday and welcome everyone to Free Fiction Friday. On the first Friday of every month, we at Wittegen Press reward our subscribers with an exclusive free short story. If you are not yet a subscriber to our newsletter, DON’T WORRY, you have not missed this […]

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Thought – Natasha Duncan-Drake #FreeFictionFriday

Man staring off into the distance over a cityscape with the title Thought over the top.

Hello and welcome to Free Fiction Friday for May 2019. Every month we give our subscribers a free short story written by one of our authors. We didn’t have one last month because Tasha was publishing free ghost stories every day on her blog – Tasha’s Thinkings. Our newsletter is run on Mailchimp, so it’s secure and reliable as well […]

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Vitalis – Natasha Duncan-Drake

Theme park carousel with the titles Free Fiction Friday and Vitalis over the top.

Welcome to Free Fiction Friday for March 2019. Every month we give our subscribers a free short story written by one of our authors. Our newsletter is really easy to join and we are very strict on our no spam rule and the privacy of our members. Just fill in the form to the right of the screen (or below […]

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Newsletter Exclusive – Light and Shade by Natasha Duncan-Drake

Two hands reaching for each other with the title Light and Shade over the top along with the banner words "Free Fiction Friday"

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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