Thought – Natasha Duncan-Drake #FreeFictionFriday

Man staring off into the distance over a cityscape with the title Thought over the top.
Thought by Natasha Duncan-Drake

Hello and welcome to Free Fiction Friday for May 2019. Every month we give our subscribers a free short story written by one of our authors. We didn’t have one last month because Tasha was publishing free ghost stories every day on her blog – Tasha’s Thinkings.

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Thought – by Natasha Duncan-Drake

Genre: contemporary fantasy
A head injury leaves James with more than just a bump on his skull. He’s hearing voices.

Author’s Note:
This is a story I have had in my concepts folder for a few years now and it was a joy to finally be able to flesh it out. It was originally designed to be much longer, but that will have to wait for other projects to be finished. I hope you enjoy it.

By Tasha

Author, publisher and cover designer; co-owner of Wittegen Press.

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