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Read an eBook Week 2018 – eBook Offers

Read an eBook Week 2018

It’s Read an eBook Week 2018 at Smashwords and to celebrate eBooks all over the site are marked down in price. We love eBooks at Wittegen Press, so we have enrolled many of our books in the promotion.

Some books are FREE and others have between 25% and 50% OFF.

The Chronicles of Charlie Waterman by Natasha Duncan-Drake

Title: The Chronicles of Charlie Waterman
Author: Natasha Duncan-Drake
genre: contemporary fantasy
Cat’s Call 100% OFF
Cat’s Creation 50% OFF
Cat’s Confidence 25% OFF

The Burning Web by Sophie DuncanTitle: The Burning Web
Author: Sophie Duncan
Genre: horror, ghost, LGBTQ+
Length: novella

Dead Before Dawn: The Vampire Curse by Natasha Duncan-DrakeTitle: Dead Before Dawn: The Vampire Curse
Author: Natasha Duncan-Drake
Genre: paranormal, LGBTQ+
Length: novel

Dreams and Reality by Natasha Duncan-DrakeTitle: Dreams and Reality (Dark Reflections 2)
Author: Natasha Duncan-Drake
Genre: sci-fi, LGBTQ+
Length: novel

In the Event of Death by Sophie Duncan & Natasha Duncan-DrakeTitle: In the Event of Death
Author: Sophie Duncan & Natasha Duncan-Drake
Genre: horror
Length: 2 short stories

When Darkness Beckons by Sophie Duncan and Natasha Duncan-DrakeTitle: When Darkness Beckons
Author: Sophie Duncan & Natasha Duncan-Drake
Genre: horror
Length: 2 short stories

Myriad Imaginings by Sophie Duncan and Natasha Duncan-DrakeTitle: Myriad Imaginings
Author: Sophie Duncan & Natasha Duncan-Drake
Genre: various genres
Length: Anthology – 28 stories

Night Blood by Sophie DuncanTitle: Night Blood
Author: Sophie Duncan
Genre: contemporary paranormal, vampire
Length: novel

Blood Sacrifice: The Avebury Legacy by Natasha Duncan-DrakeTitle: Blood Sacrifice: The Avebury Legacy
Author: Natasha Duncan-Drake
Genre: contemporary paranormal, vampire
Length: novel

Trick-or-Treat Halloween Price Slasher – FREE Books! #TrickOrTreatReads

Welcome to our Trick-or-Treat Halloween Price Slasher. This gruesomely great time of year is upon us once more, spooky friends, and that means only one thing: Trick-or-Treat. It’s difficult to give away candy in a virtual world, but eBooks are much easier. Mwwwaaa ha  ha…

In honour of this wonderfully spooktacular holiday, we at Wittegen Press are giving away some of our books, and we have lots of others on offer too.

We are part of the Trick-or-Treat Book Blog Hop, run by the wonderful Patricia Lynne. Many wonderful authors are giving away books instead of candy. See the list at the bottom of the post for all those taking part.

Trick-or-Treat Halloween Price Slasher –FREE books!

Every year at this time we launch a two story Halloween anthology to give away for AllHallowsRead. This is an idea supported by the wonderful Neil Gaiman where people give a scary book for Halloween. This year ours is truly chilling.

Made In Blood: Tales of Terror

Authors: Sophie Duncan & Natasha Duncan-Drake
Genre: horror

Two delicious tales of terror to tingle the spine:
The Warmth of Blood by Natasha Duncan-Drake
Mirror Twins by Sophie Duncan

The book is downloadable from Smashwords for free, just follow the link and download it.

Dead Before Dawn: The Vampire CurseDead Before Dawn: The Vampire Curse
(in progress and FREE to read on Wattpad)

Author: Natasha Duncan-Drake
Genre: Vampire

Max Statton is in Moscow for the premiere of his new movie when a terrifying encounter turns his life on its head. Attacked by one of the city’s resident vampires, Max is bitten and infected. Only a team of local vampire hunters prevent him being dragged into the underworld of the undead.

Fighting for his very existence, Max must resist the vampire curse trying to take over his body.

Free Books With Discount Codes:

All of following books are usually 99c BUT are also available on Smashwords for free for 24hrs, but to get the discount you have to do the following:
  • click the buy button at the linked book page (click the title)
  • put the coupon code (in bold after the title) in the box on the page that comes up
  • click apply coupon
  • checkout as normal and the book is yours for free

Trick-or-Treat Halloween Price Slasher –Discount Books

We didn’t want to leave out our other horror/paranormal genre books either, so they are reduced by 35% as well.
Author: Natasha Duncan-Drake
Genre: vampire
Code: JM78G
Author: Sophie Duncan
Genre: ghost story
Code: EY92D
Author: Sophie Duncan
Genre: vampire
Code: BN37F
Author: Sophie Duncan & Natasha Duncan-Drake
Genre: paranormal adventure and romance
Code: SE52M
Author: Sophie Duncan & Natasha Duncan-Drake
Genre: horror
Code: SG76Z
Author: Sophie Duncan & Natasha Duncan-Drake
Genre: horror
Code: KS85H
Author: Sophie Duncan
Genre: paranormal adventure
Code: NH48E
Click the links in the list below to visit the other great authors giving away books.

new Novel: Dead Before Dawn: The Vampire Curse #FREE

Dead Before Dawn: The Vampire Curse

We’re trying something new at Wittegen Press; novel serialisation. We all love the anticipation of a new episode of our favourite TV show or comic, so why not a new chapter of a great novel?

The really good news is we’re using Wattpad and this means, the novel is completely FREE.

Readers will, however, need a Wattpad account. You can sign in using Facebook, G+ or an email and password combination. This article tells you how to create an account.

Wattpad may be accessed via the web or via an app that is available for FREE on most phone and tablet platforms – just go to your app store and search for Wattpad, then install.

Dead Before Dawn: The Vampire Curse
Chapter 1: Cat and Mouse

Chapters will be released every Tuesday and Friday to give you something to get through the middle of the week, and look forward to at the weekend.

If you follow Natasha Duncan-Drake on Wattpad, update alerts will be sent directly to your inbox or phone. Wattpad also allows you to add the book to your personal library so you will always be able to find it.

Book Info

Author: Natasha Duncan-Drake
Genre: vampire/paranormal, male/male romance
Length:  Novel
Max Statton is in Moscow for the premier of his new movie when a terrifying encounter turns his life on its head. Attacked by one of the city’s resident vampires, Max is bitten and infected. Only a team of local vampire hunters prevent him being dragged into the underworld of the undead.

Fighting for his very existence, Max must resist the vampire curse with the help of Yulia, the hunter’s doctor. But with his humanity slipping away, Max only has two choices: ask the hunters to end it, or risk becoming a monster. His fame makes it dangerous to just kill him, but there may be no choice.

When Yulia offers him a kill or cure option, Max must decide if he has the courage to take it. He wants to go home, he wants to see his family and friends, but his life is poised on a knife edge.

NEW RELEASE The Machine: Rise of the Gifted #SciFi #Gay #Romance

The Machine: Rise of the Gifted by Natasha Duncan-Drake


The Machine

Rise of the Gifted

by Natasha Duncan-Drake
Men in black aren’t usually associated with figure skating, but when MiBs try to arrest men’s champion Louis Hayes, his ex-rival Rafe Derouet finds out to his cost that telepathic x-files really do exist.
FREE 21st – 23rd Feb ONLY
Smart Link to The Machine on Amazon


Rafe Derouet used to be a world class, British figure skater competing against his arch rival, flamboyant American Louis Hayes. A catastrophic knee injury ended his career and now all he can do is look on from the sidelines, commentating where he used to be a star. He hates Louis and wants nothing more than to see his nemesis go down in a blaze of failure.

Then mysterious men in black with guns take over a press meet, trying to arrest Louis, awakening something dangerous in their target, and setting in motion events they cannot control. Most shocking of all, Rafe finds out Louis can literally read his mind.

Dragged into a murky world of government agents and x-files by one of those x-files, Rafe finds his world view completely changing. And, along the way, his hatred for Louis proves to be something else entirely.

Now Rafe just needs to survive so he can decide what to do about it.

If you are kind enough to leave a review at Amazon I would like to give you a free short story sequel to say thank you. Please see the back of the book for details.


Excerpt (Listen or Read)

Rafe was in a hurry.

Whoever had had the idea to produce a US/Russian/Chinese special sporting event in celebration of the new economic treaty that was going through had to have been insane. There was figure skating and speed skating, long and short track, in the dual arena and athletics on the field and gymnastics in another arena down the road. It was as if someone had stuck pins in all the sports they thought the various countries were good at and then invited all the top athletes from the three countries to compete.

It was completely crazy and the whole world was watching, which was why Rafe was there reporting on it.

Given the current political climate, everyone was hoping sport could settle some of the latest rumblings. Rafe was waiting for it to all blow up in the organisers’ faces.

He had too many things to do and not enough time to do them, which was why he wasn’t really paying attention to his surroundings. The messages from his producer and his agent were far more important at the moment. If he had been giving thought to anything but texts he would have picked a different route.

“Well look who it isn’t,” said an all too familiar voice with an annoying American twang.

Not that Rafe found all American’s annoying, just this one in particular. He looked up from his phone to see Louis ‘pronounced the French way, darling’ Hayes less than three feet away.

Before he had fallen in the previous year’s world championships and shattered his knee, Rafe had been Louis’ arch rival on the ice. Competing for the UK in men’s figure skating, Rafe had spent the last few years swapping the number one spots in various competitions with Louis, but that was all over now. After eighteen months he could skate again, but he would never be able to compete at top level. These days he was doing TV shows and reporting for European sports channels and Louis was still glittering up the ice.

It made him want to knock Louis’ perfect teeth in with one of his skates all the more.

“Hayes,” he said and then realised that Louis was not alone.

Joy of joys, possibly his other least favourite person was standing next to Louis.

“And Voronov,” he added, wondering which deity he had pissed off to end up with both of them in the same place.

Voronov was a long distance speed skater for the Russians. Tall, blond and very much not sparkly, Voronov was an unlikely friend for a flamboyant American figure skater, but the pair had met at their first Olympics, hit it off and been firm friends ever since. Louis was something of a Russophile and had even been to Voronov’s wedding two years ago, which, given that Voronov was something of a state hero, had been quite a big deal. Louis was also one of the few allowed to call Voronov by a ridiculous nickname like they were in a club or something.

Rafe had met Voronov at the same time Louis had, only their relationship had started off more as instant dislike.

“You’re looking a little harassed there, Rafe,” Louis said, smiling sweetly.

The urge to deck the other man was strong. Rafe employed all of his skating will power not to do it.

“Places to be, important people to see,” he said, doing his best to get in a dig.

Of course he was all too aware Louis was much better at this game; Louis with his perfect hair and designer clothes and sycophantic fan base. It made Rafe grind his teeth.

“The competitors?” Voronov said, tone innocent, but Rafe couldn’t help it, he glared.

That stung.

There was nothing more in the world that he loved than the ice and it had been taken away from him. He honestly had no comeback.

Surprisingly he saw Louis dig his elbow into Voronov’s side. Maybe their antagonistic relationship did have lines. Once upon a time he and Louis had been friends and practice mates under the same coach, but then they had somehow become rivals. Rafe still wasn’t sure what had happened, but he had become the British poster boy for the international ice skating federation and Louis had become the American rebel with amazing talent.

“So, who are you commentating for this time?” Louis asked, clearly trying to be nice after Voronov’s below the belt shot.

That just rubbed Rafe completely up the wrong way.

“The BBC,” he said, digging his fingers into his palm to keep himself calm. “Now I’m late for a meeting, so I have to run.”

“Aren’t you co-commentating with the lovely Maria Hessle?” Louis said before Rafe could get away.

“Yes,” Rafe replied, doing his best not to grind his teeth and damning the polite genes his family had handed down.

“I’m sure I read somewhere that you and she were an item,” Louis said, “how’s that going for you?”

Louis’ expression was completely innocent, but Rafe wasn’t fooled, it was yet another dig. When they had been friends there may have been some adolescent fumbling between them and Louis was well aware Rafe’s tastes ran more to the male than the female: yet another bone of contention between them, what with Louis being out and proud and Rafe being firmly in the closet.

“You of all people should know not to believe everything you read,” Rafe said, as sweetly as he could manage.

The one thing he had to be utterly thankful for was that Louis was not the kind to out anyone, not even an ex-rival. Louis had had to defend his own sexuality so much, even before being officially out, technically, that Louis had the integrity not to do that to someone else. Didn’t stop all the digs though.

“Maria is happily attached to a Polish plumber from Chiswick,” he added, because he couldn’t help trying to rub Louis’ nose in the ridiculousness of tabloid reporting.

Of course it didn’t work, Louis just smiled.

“I find it always pays to check,” Louis said.

Every time they met it was the same with the subtle poking at his weakest points. And it galled Rafe to realise that he only understood his own sexuality so well because of Louis Hayes. He had done quite a bit of self examination over the years.

“Well, I really must go,” he said.

Louis clearly wanted to continue the conversation, but Rafe wasn’t sticking around to find out what for. The last thing his career needed was a headline about him trying to kill an American citizen on American soil.


Rafe was hovering, waiting for the next skater to come along for the press meet. It was currently Louis’ turn. He was supposed to have been interviewing everyone, but even his producer realised that asking him to interview Louis Hayes was a bad idea, hence his co-host, Maria, was doing it. He was in line to talk to the next skater in.

If Louis won things Rafe would have to bite the bullet, since he was the lead interviewer this time round. At least he could be thankful that it had turned out he was good as a celebrity commentator. However, these were just preliminary chats for sound bites, so he could get away with leaving it to Maria.

“Sorry, Ladies and Gentlemen,” a member of the event security team walked up to the gathering, “I’m going to have to ask you to move to a new area. This one is needed for warm up.”

That sounded odd to Rafe, because he was pretty sure no one was due on the ice yet today and he hung back. Louis looked equally put out, which was actually kind of funny. Rafe guessed Louis was bitching to his agent, who patted him on the shoulder, and followed the gaggle of press out as Louis went to make for the locker rooms. Rafe couldn’t resist stepping towards his ex-rival, just to see if he could get an annoyed sound bite. Those he was actually quite good at when it came to Louis.

Louis was trying to find something in his huge, oversized bag, by the looks of things, so Rafe waited for his chance. However, it never came. As soon as the press were out of sight men in black Kevlar appeared from several different places with guns. The truly bizarre thing was that they all seemed to be pointed at Louis.

“Nobody move,” was the shouted order and Rafe froze.

It was difficult for Rafe to believe what he was seeing and, if his face was anything to go by, Louis was just as shocked. Louis raised his hands, staring at the men in black with guns, clearly terrified. Frankly if there was anyone less likely to need a gun pointed at them Rafe had never met them.

“What’s going on?” Louis asked, sounding as confused and petrified as he looked.

“Don’t move,” was the only response and then a woman appeared.

The way Louis’ eyes opened slightly and a frown of confusion appeared on his face, replacing the complete shock, Rafe guessed Louis knew her…

FREE 21st – 23rd Feb ONLY
Smart Link to The Machine on Amazon

Seeking Pre-Release Reviewers

We are currently seeking pre-release reviewers for Wittegen Press eBooks. We would like to have a pool of people who are willing to read and give honest reviews for books we are about to publish or re-release.

We live in an age where the Amazon review can buoy up a book or sink it without a trace so we are seeking individuals who would be willing to read and review advanced copies (ARCs) of our books prior to their general release. If you are interested in becoming one of our reviewers please:

  1. Fill in the Google Form at the bottom of this post.
  2. If you are accepted we will add you to our new Wittegen Press Reviewers mailing list.

Don’t worry, people on the mailing list will NOT be expected to review all books. We totally understand that there are times when we all do not have time to drop everything to read a book or a particular book may not be the genres of choice.

  1. The system for reviewing will be as follows:
  2. An email will be sent to the Wittegen Press Reviewers list with details of the book to be reviewed.
  3. Those interested in reviewing it will respond by filling in a Google form for that book.
  4. We will select a group of reviewers from the pool.
  5. Those selected will be sent an ARC of the book in their format of choice with the proviso they will read it within a certain time, which will be stipulated with each book.
  6. If we have more reviewers than required, those not selected in that particular instance will be notified.
  7. Individuals will then give an honest review of the book at Amazon and any other places they frequent on the web.

Many thanks to all those who are interested.

Birthday Bargains! 50-100% OFF eBooks

Birthday Bargains! 50-100% OFF eBooks

It’s our birthday 🙂

We have decided to celebrate by giving back to our readers and having a 1 day sale on our eBooks.

Most of our 99c books are FREE today and our other books are all 50% off.

The links below will take you to Smashwords where you can use the code below each book at the checkout stage and it will give you the listed discount. Smashwords has formats for all eBook readers.

Instructions for those unfamiliar with uploading files to their eReader:
Kobo | Kindle | Nook (FAQ Library 12.)


 50% OFF

Code: YK56E ($2.99 $1.50)

Code: NL76B ($3.99 $2.00)

Code: RC88P ($3.29 $1.65)

Code: TW59A ($2.99 $1.50)

Code: NK42G ($2.99 $1.50)

Code: JH96V ($3.29 $1.65)

Code: HY46X ($1.99 $0.99)

Code: AB22K ($1.99 $0.99)

Code: HQ98K ($1.99 $0.99)

Code: EL44K ($2.99 $1.50)

Code: UK22K ($3.99 $2.00)

Code: FS25R ($1.99 $0.99)

Code: EU58T ($1.99 $0.99)

Code: DB24G ($2.99 $1.50)

Code: TR76G ($2.99 $1.50)
And of course there are still our permanently free books as well.

Permanently FREE

Dreams and Reality – Superheroes, Sex and Succour – NEW eBook

I love superheroes so I knew sooner or later I would write a book with them in 🙂 . So today I am very pleased to announce my new book Dreams and Reality is available for purchase at most  of the major eBook retailers.

If you would like to know more about the inspirations behind the Dark Reflections series, pop back to this blog on the 23rd of April for the letter T on the AtoZChallenge, because I will be talking all about it.

This book took a very long time to write, mostly because I just couldn’t finish it to make a novel I was willing to publish. I had 2/3rds of it written just after the first book in the series, Me, Myself and I (permanently FREE so pick it up now), was published back in 2012, but I didn’t know how to complete it. I am very glad to say that at the end of last year inspiration finally struck and I was able to create something I could be proud of.

Thank you to everyone who has waited so patiently. It already has 2 5* reviews over at Goodreads and I hope everyone else will enjoy it as well. Scroll down to hear the first part of the book read by me.

About the Book
Title: Dreams and Reality: Superheroes, Sex and Succour
Series: Dark Reflections
Author: Natasha Duncan-Drake
Word count: ~50K
Genre: Sci-fi, Fantasy, Romance, Gay, Bisexual
Published: March 30th 2015

Tristan Havering believes all the crazy things he experienced in an alternative dimension, real-world version of the superhero saga ‘Power Up’ were a dream brought on by concussion; he’s about to find out how terrifyingly wrong he is.

Four months after the steamy, narcissistic liaison he shared with Devon, the supervillain he plays in the movies, dangerous things begin spilling over into his world, and Tristan has no choice but to believe the impossible: superheroes and supervillains are real.

His only hope is Devon, mercurial and unstable, once driven completely out of his mind by his own power, but will he help Tristan a second time? Tristan has no choice but to frantically reach out and return to Devon’s crazy reality or face insanity at the whim of a power he cannot hope to control.

Buy Links
Chapter 1 Part 1 of Dreams and Reality read by Natasha Duncan-Drake



FREE Book Offer

If you leave an honest review for this book where you bought it we will give you the follow-on short story ‘Oh, Really?’ absolutely FREE as a thank you. Simply fill in the form below to point me at your review. None of your details will be shared or used for any other purpose than contacting you about the free book.

Merry Christmas to One and All (FREE eBooks)

A Very Merry Christmas to One & All!
And at this time of year, we’d like to say a big thank you to all our Wittegen Press readers, especially those who have supported us by signing up to our mailing list. As a gift from us to you, we have two books for you to enjoy totally free.
Those of you already subscribed to our mailing list will remember us asking you to vote on your favourite genres and now the two books based on the top two genres are ready for you to enjoy :).
Genre: Paranormal
Assassin’s Blood
by Natasha Duncan-Drake

Meet Kira Roltof, or rather Jasmin Welby at the moment because she’s undercover. Kira’s an assassin with a sense of humour that’s almost as dangerous as she is. When hunting down her targets it helps that she’s a vampire/werewolf hybrid and has been at the killing game for over seventy years. Practice makes perfect and all that jazz.

Of course her combined species status could just as easily get her killed as help her out. If either the vampires or the werewolves figure out she’s both, she’ll never be safe again.

Her latest target is a Mafia big shot. Nothing she can’t handle easily, except she runs into a little snag of the vampire persuasion at the end of the job.

Assassin’s Blood is a short story full of paranormal intrigue and action with a little bit of romance to round it off.

Genre: Contemporary Fantasy
Curse of a Banshee – (The Darwell [Magical] Cleaning Services #1)
by Sophie Duncan

B, a djinn/banshee low fae, runs Darwell Cleaning Services, a business that specializes in tidying up magical crime scenes. She’s managed her company with her friend and business partner, Jean, for over one hundred years without any complaints, or problems. She keeps her head down and offers a job to those whom higher fae look down on for their lack of personal magic.

B and her team are expecting an ordinary night of clean-up when they arrive at the aftermath of a spell battle in the middle of an English woodland. However, when a terrified djinn boy appears in the middle of their job, B finds the mix of her djinn and banshee instincts, which she normally keeps under strict control, beginning to rise. The boy is not alone, he is being chased by criminals intent on selling him to become a genie, the same gang who took B’s father a century earlier.

B must struggle with her own unsettled powers and fight the slavers for the boy’s freedom, risking her own life and those of her friends in the process.

Curse of a Banshee is fast-paced fantasy taking a fresh look at ancient powers in a contemporary British setting.

Existing subscribers to our mailing list will have received our Christmas Newsletter containing the links to the books, for anyone else, you can get the books as well. We’ll send you the links in the confirmation email when you sign up to the Wittegen Press Mailing List.

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The Avebury Legacy in Cover Wars and 99c SALE

This week The Avebury Legacy is up in Cover Wars over at Author Shout and I would be really grateful for a little help with the voting please :).

All you have to do is click here to go to the post, tick a radio box next to The Avebury Legacy and then click submit. You can vote once a day until Sunday.

Many Thanks to all who vote.

99c eBook SALE – The Avebury Legacy

The book is also ON SALE for a limited time only for 99c ($2.99) (everywhere except Nook at the moment).


Nate was hunting a vampire when he first bumped into Lexie, a witch infected by a vampire bite. When Lexie used blood magic to save him from certain death, she passed on the infection to Nate. For a time Lexie’s magic has been able to keep them both partially human as they continue to protect ignorant humanity from the vampire threat, but that magic is now starting to fail.

There are legends that the ancient Avebury ritual designed to destroy Morigan of Leyland, the most powerful vampire ever known, may hold the key to the cure they need, but to perform it Nate and Lexie require the four relics from the original ritual. Enlisting the help of veteran hunter, Brian Hawker, who has his own reasons for finding the relics, they must search across continents before it is too late.

In their way are vampire nuns, a crystal cave, shape changers, a labyrinthine catacomb, mummified monks and even librarians. However, their greatest foe is Dahlia, undead sister of Morigan, who will stop at nothing to retrieve the relics for herself and to claim Morigan’s power. If Dahlia reaches any of the relics before them, Nate and Lexie face a fate worse than death, losing their humanity to the blood lust.

Halloween 2014 – Free Horror Fiction and eBook Sale

Welcome to Halloween 2014 at Wittegen Press

Today we have a feast of fiction for you with something of a horrific twist. We do hope you’ll stay for the fright fest.

This year we are celebrating with 3 different Halloween frighteners:

Halloween 2014 at Wittegen Press
All Hallows Read

All Hallows Read is a Halloween tradition supported by Neil Gaiman where the idea is to give someone a scary book on Halloween. We have been playing along for two years, publishing a book of two scary short stories every year since 2012. This year we have done the same and our book will be available free all day today for all our Halloween visitors.

Cursed - A Horror Collection by Natasha Duncan-Drake and Sophie DuncanCursed – A Horror Collection by Natasha Duncan-Drake and Sophie Duncan

If Wishes Were … by Natasha Duncan-Drake

Essie and her friend Beth are taking a trip to commiserate Beth’s loss of yet another boyfriend. When they visit a spooky old graveyard and Essie makes a wish on a haunted mausoleum things don’t turn out how she expected at all.

Happy Families by Sophie Duncan

Bridget loves Happy Families, so when she finds and old pack in a junk shop she buys them. She lives to regret it as strange and nasty things start to happen to her house-mates.

Cursed – A Horror Collection can be downloaded from the following places.

Cursed from Smashwords. Cursed at Google Play Cursed on iBooks


Sophie is sharing her thoughts about Halloween and joining in these blog hops over on Sophie’s Thoughts & Fumbles. And Tasha has another short scare for you over her Tasha’s Thinkings.

Halloween Blog Hop and Trick-or-Treat Book Blog Hop

For the Trick-or-Treat Book blog hop, we’re doubling up with All Hallow’s Read and our free give away is Cursed: A Horror Collection, however, we’ve also put together some great Halloween offers on our other books. All of our books with either a horror of paranormal bent are 99c or free at Smashwords for this spooky time of year.

Each book which is discounted has an offer code listed below, just take this code and put it in when you checkout at Smashwords and the book price will be reduced in your basket.

Please note we only guarantee the discount codes will work on the 31st October, so if you pick up our treats, please use them immediately.

Then for the Halloween Blog Hop we have written little drabbles (100 word stories) to go with each book in our catalogue with some aspect of horror or paranormal.

Click each link below to expand and see book details, the drabble and any offer to go with the book.

The Burning Web by Sophie Duncan The Burning Web by Sophie Duncan
A ghost story to haunt you all.

click for The Burning Web details, drabble and offer code
Is it symptoms left from his brain haemorrhage, or a guilty conscience that is making Tristan McCall see things no-one else can?

Smashwords Offer Code: NF36L- reduced to 99c Buy The Burning Web from Smashwords.
for all other buying options (no offer) please click here


by Sophie Duncan
Author’s Note: This short concentrates on one of the minor characters from The Burning Web. It isn’t only Tris who feels uncomfortable. 

Craig knelt up, stretched the kink in his back and reached behind for his wrench. When his hand closed on air, he glanced, saw empty floor and bit his lip. The hair on the back of his neck stood up, his skin chilled and he looked rapidly back to his work. Two months of working in this bloody place and the hokum never got easier. He’d never have admitted it to the others, they’d have laughed in his face, but he felt her: he was sure it was a her.

He hadn’t seen her, but she was here, Craig knew.

The Trade by Natasha Duncan-Drake The Trade by Natasha Duncan-Drake
An explicit story of demons and magic set in a dystopian future.

click for The Trade details and drabble
Earth no longer belongs exclusively to humans. Ever since the hoard came demons roam the wreckage of old Earth just as humans do. Karon spans the divide, both human and demon, at the mercy of his vampire heritage.
Price: 99c for all buying options please click here


by Natasha Duncan-Drake
Author’s note: This drabble happens just after the events of the book.

As Karon left the city ruins, he turned and looked back one last time. It seemed as if it had been an age since he had allowed his guard down quite as much as he had just done with Lilaro and he missed it already.

The world was a dangerous place. Demons would take the unwary, even a vampire as powerful as him if he let his vigilance lapse. His tryst with the sex demon had been good for his spirit as well as his strength.

Turning forward, he urged his horse into motion; such luxury was behind him now.

In The Event of Death by Natasha Duncan-Drake and Sophie Duncan In The Event of Death by Natasha Duncan-Drake and Sophie Duncan
Two short stories to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand all the way up.

click for In The Event of Death details and drabbles
Two short stories of the spooky kind created for All Hallows Read 2013. The Visitor by Natasha Duncan-Drake, Ruderbaker by Sophie Duncan
Price: 99c for all buying options please click here

Notice Me!

by Natasha Duncan-Drake
Author’s note: This is a short drabble about what Eustace was up to before we meet him in The Visitor.

“Och aye the noo,” Eustace shouted and leapt out of the cupboard.
The man standing in front of the sink shivered and looked round, but otherwise failed to react suitably.

“Dammit all,” Eustace said and sighed heavily.

He’d been trying to get more than a shudder out of the dense idiot since the man had moved in for his week’s stay. At least, he supposed, with a holiday cottage his audience kept changing. It was annoying not being noticed.

“See you later, Boyo,” he said and walked through the wall; maybe the wife would scream if he tipped something over.


by Sophie Duncan
Author’s Note:  This rhyme is insidious.

“Ruderbaker, Ruderbaker, one, two, three. Ruderbaker, Ruderbaker, can’t get me!” Freddie repeated to himself, hands over his ears, staring at the ground of the graveyard.

The other kids had danced around him singing that awful rhyme, ‘Ruderbaker, Ruderbaker, one, two, three. Ruderbaker, Ruderbaker, can’t get me.’, turning him around, throwing his glasses into the long grass. But he hadn’t sung it, he’d never sing it, he’d changed the end.

“You’re right, I can’t,” a whisper slipped into his mind; Freddie whined. “But do you want to get them for leaving you here?”

He nodded quickly.

“Then say my rhyme.”

The End of the Journey by Sophie Duncan The End of the Journey by Sophie Duncan
Demons and magic in a YA tale of courage and trust.

click for The End of the Journey details, drabble and offer code
The Hidden War has been raging unseen my normal eyes for generations and Zac Kithrall, demon-seer, and Damon Wulfres, demon-raiser, have grown up on opposite sides of it. Now they must work together.

Smashwords Offer Code: SP64X – reduced to 99c Buy The Burning Web from Smashwords.
for all other buying options (no offer) please click here

A New Perspective

by Sophie Duncan
Author’s Note:  This story is set between the first and second books in the series.

All Hallows’ Eve had always been a busy time for Damon. Not for games, though. When Zac threw open the door of their safe house wearing a skeleton mask and making woo-woo’s at a bunch of giggly, costumed children, he peered round the kitchen doorway to watch, perturbed.

“Not your thing, D?”

Rosie made him jump as she passed him. He gave her a sour glance, but her face said she was in earnest.

“The Veil is thin tonight: Demon-raisers captured souls not fed children sugar,” he replied.

“We watch, Boy,” Luke muttered, wandering in, “but we have fun too.”

The Vampire's Concubine by Sophie Duncan The Vampire’s Concubine by Sophie Duncan
A series of short stories full of sex, vampires and mystery.

click for The Vampire's Concubine details and drabbles
When, Hieron, vampire lord of Harkham, is approached by a mysterious young stranger, he finds himself tempted by the bargain his bold visitor makes: ninety nine years of absolute service in return for vampire power. The Vampire’s Concubine is an erotic romance told in short-story episodes.
An Amusement (The Vampire’s Concubine #1) Price: 99c for all buying options please click here
Rage (The Vampire’s Concubine #2) Price: 99c for all buying options please click here

Tall Tales

by Sophie Duncan
Author’s Note: The concubines of the harem share a spooky tale.

“You look perturbed, Janus, Sweetie.” Yan surprised the junior concubine when he sat beside him on the chaise and draped an arm round him.

Those dusky cheeks flushed,Janus looked at the floor. Gray laughed as he respectfully offered a goblet of wine to Yan.

“Janus is scared,” Campion informed him with relish. “We told him about the spirit in the old garden.”

“That was mean,” Yan chastised, only lightly though, he could not afford to show too much favouritism. Instead he cajoled, “Ghosts don’t exist, Janus.”

The youth shivered, despite the reassurance.

“I’ve seen it,” came the unexpected admission.

Out of the Frying Pan by Natasha Duncan-DrakeOut of the Frying Pan by Natasha Duncan-Drake
An explicit story of a chef, a vampire and betrayal.

click for Out of the Frying Pan details and drabble
Dan works his magic with food as a new up and coming chef, what he does not need is his restaurant being destroyed by an explosion and ending up trapped with the UK’s hottest food critic in what’s left of his kitchen. When vampirism enters the equation it makes things a whole lot worse.
Price: 99c for all buying options please click here

The Elephant in the Room

by Natasha Duncan-Drake
Author’s note: This drabble happens just after the events of the book.

Dan was concentrating very hard on plating his new dish, so he felt rather than saw someone come up behind him.

“That is very elegant,” Cathal’s familiar tones greeted him as he worked. “Does it taste as good as it looks?”

“That’s what you’re going to tell me,” he replied and stood up.

He stilled as he realised Cathal was so close they were almost touching. The familiar spark of attraction ignited in his belly at the lack of personal space. Sooner rather than later they were going to have to acknowledge whatever it was between them; it was distracting.

The Avebury Legacy by Natasha Duncan-Drake The Avebury Legacy (Vampires: The New Age #1) by Natasha Duncan-Drake
Dark fantasy with very nasty vampires and lots of excitement and magic set in contemporary times.

click for The Avebury Legacy details, offer and drabbles
When you’re a vampire hunter infected with vampirism your life expectancy is short. Nate’s a hunter and Lexie’s a witch and they have less than six months before Lexie’s magic can no longer delay the symptoms and keep them at least partially human. (Give The Avebury Legacy an honest review where you purchased it and get The Beginning (Vampires: The New Age, Prequel #1) absolutely freesee book listing page for details).
Smashwords Offer Code: FR67E- reduced to 99c Buy The Avebury Legacy from Smashwords.
for all other buying options (no offer) please click here

The Beginning (Vampires: The New Age prequel #1) 99c


by Natasha Duncan-Drake
Author’s note: This drabble is set just before The Avebury Legacy begins and is the hunt mentioned in the first scene.

Nate held his breath, remaining perfectly still, and Lexie screamed on cue. The one remaining spawn came charging through the battered old door as if it wasn’t there; pine never fared well up against vampires.

Lexie instantly lifted the crossbow she was holding and Nate closed in from behind. The spawn never even had a chance as Lexie shot it and Nate swung his sword. The bolt buried itself in the creature’s chest with a wet thud and the sharp blade sliced through its neck like butter.

“Job done,” Lexie said and grinned as the head bounced across the floor.

When Darkness Beckons by Natasha Duncan-Drake and Sophie Duncan When Darkness Beckons by Natasha Duncan-Drake and Sophie Duncan
Two short stories to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand all the way up.

click for When Darkness Beckons details and drabbles
This is a two story horror anthology created for All Hallows Read 2012. Catcher of Souls by Natasha Duncan-Drake Some Things Are Stranger… by Sophie Duncan
Price: 99c for all buying options please click here


by Natasha Duncan-Drake
Author’s note: This is a short drabble about how Miles became a Soul Catcher

It had to have been three days by now, with no water, no food and no light. Mile’s anger was gone, along with his strength and he lay, slumped in the corner. The only thing that felt remotely real anymore was the jewel in his hand; the one his father had pressed there before slamming the door.

It was peaceful now and there was a brightness growing in the corner. It drew him in as if he was floating.

Then he burned. He felt a snap as his sight flashed red and suddenly his strength returned and he sat up.

Do You Believe In Ghosts?

by Sophie Duncan
Author’s Note: Even werewolves can get scared.

“You believe in ghosts?”

Jake turned his head and looked at the teenage face lit up expectantly by the campfire’s light. A chill ran down his spine, so he took a hasty swig of beer. It had been a long time since he’d thought about that ghostly night in the warehouse.

“Red, don’t bother your father,” Julia’s voice chided gently.

“I think I saw one.”

Jake paid more attention to his son then. He recognised disquiet. He remembered his own.

“A hunter, from the trouble times. Do you believe, Dad?”

He drew in a difficult breath.

“Yes,” he replied quietly.

The Soul Reader Series by Natasha Duncan-DrakeThe Soul Reader Series by Natasha Duncan-Drake
A series of free short stories and bargain price novellas full of sex, vampires and John, who is human, but unusual.

The Soul Reader Series by Natasha Duncan-Drake
The Soul Reader Series is a set of FREE short stories/novelettes and bargain priced novellas with enough vampire action to keep any paranormal fan happy and plenty of male/male interaction to entertain every gay romance reader.

John knows that at best he can be described as a male escort and at worst as a whore, but it’s what he does and he’s good at it. He sells his body and his clients come with fangs so it’s more about blood than sex.
Forgotten Soul (Soul Reader #1) Price: FREE for all downloading options please click here
Forbidden Soul (Soul Reader #2) Price: 99c for all buying options please click here
Fortunate Soul (Soul Reader #3) Price: FREE for all downloading options please click here


by Natasha Duncan-Drake
Author’s Note:  This drabble takes place shortly after book #3 to lead in to #4.

The trip to the solicitors had been nerve wracking, but at least it had cleared up a few things for John. He was really beginning to feel like a person again. He had his name back, his flat and everything else. He was coming back.

“Are you sure you don’t want a solicitor with you when you talk to the police?” Michael asked, sitting down beside him.

“Yes,” he replied. “Mum says DI Willis is a good guy and I don’t want to piss him off.”

Thinking about it made his stomach churn, but it was the next logical step.

Bright Young Things by Sophie Duncan and Natasha Duncan-Drake Bright Young Things by Sophie Duncan and Natasha Duncan-Drake
Five young adult speculative fiction stories, including some with a horror edge.

click for Bright Young Things details, offer and drabbles
Meet a university rock band with a lupine secret and an alien with cat ears and a tail, among other young protagonists in this volume of short stories and novelettes.
Smashwords Offer Code: FA84V- reduced to 99c Buy Bright Young Things from Smashwords.
for all other buying options (no offer) please click here

Midnight Snack

by Sophie Duncan
Author’s note: Ben is still getting used to his instincts. This is a sequel to Samling Born.

Luka wandered into the living room to find Ben in their kitchenette looking down at a very large sandwich. Luka’s nose twitched with rich scents of roasted pork, curried chicken, pickle, mustard, and even lettuce. He murmured amusement and strolled over to the counter.

“Midnight snack?”

“Couldn’t sleep,” Ben huffed, eyes flicking to the moonlight streaming in through the window. “Am I really this hungry?”

Not for the first time since his turning, Ben looked lost. Luka smiled.

“Probably,” he shrugged. “It’s only been 48hrs. We’re still adapting.”

Ben looked a bit happier. He pointed at his creation.

“Wanna share?”

Sneaking In

by Natasha Duncan-Drake
Author’s note: This is a drabble for my story Lost Kitty – just a little something short and sweet :).

“Don’t look so worried,” Anna said and grinned.

“I’m not supposed to be here,” Lani pointed out, shifting nervously from one foot to the other.

“It’s Halloween,” Anna replied; “you’ll fit in perfectly.”

Then she grabbed his hand and dragged him towards the door. Since the whole incident with the MiBs, Lani and she had kept in touch via the necklace and she had invited him to visit secretly only the previous week. With his ears and tail he looked like he had the most awesome costume.

Anna was sure nothing bad would happen; it was the perfect set up.

Supernature by Sophie Duncan and Natasha Duncan-Drake Supernature by Sophie Duncan and Natasha Duncan-Drake
Five paranormal romance stories with explicit content

click for Supernature details, offer and drabbles
The Name Is The Game by Sophie Duncan
A new placement, a new start together for orphans Paul and Amanda. However, they soon discover all is not as it seems with the mysterious Miss Torris.
Cleave To Until Forever by Natasha Duncan-Drake
Paralysed by an explosion, Adam must heal more than his legs when he discovers his wereleopard ancestry.
The Vampire Who Loved Me by Natasha Duncan-Drake
Jack Boddington was your every day, jobbing spy until his last assignment goes horribly wrong. Then he wakes up twenty years later with a thirst for blood.
Girl In The Mirror by Sophie Duncan
Penelope Beverly must discover the secret of the ghost girl in her mirror when she takes a position as companion to Miss Verinace.
Timothy by Natasha Duncan-Drake
Darcy is a modern girl, but even she is shocked when her mother gives her the family heirloom as she is about to go off to university and it’s a dildo named Timothy.

Smashwords Offer Code: QN44H- reduced to 99c Supernature from Smashwords.
for all other buying options (no offer) please click here


by Sophie Duncan
Author’s note: New mirror, new reflection. This drabble takes place after the events in Girl In The Mirror.

“What a gorgeous mirror, where did you find it?” Louise gushes at me.

I just smile: I shan’t tell her it was in the house when I bought it.

“Aren’t those attachments?”

My sister-in-law reaches up to the mirror’s brass fittings.

“Yes, it used to belong to a dressingtable, I believe.”

“How clever of you to adapt it.”

Again, I say nothing. Louise bounces off, waving at my other housewarming guests. I check my cute new bob in the mirror. For a second that isn’t my reflection. I blink. It’s me again. Chills run down my spine. I back off.

Going Home?

by Natasha Duncan-Duncan
Author’s note: This drabble is a very short follow on from The Vampire Who Loved Me.

Jack stepped out of the car and looked up at the nondescript building. It hadn’t changed except for a new coat of paint.

“Ready?” Sarah asked.

He wasn’t really, but he nodded anyway. They had left Gavin at Sarah’s flat and it was time for Jack to come in from the cold. He wasn’t really sure how his previous employers were going to receive him, but he did his best to hide his nerves.

They walked into the building together and security let them through surprisingly quickly.

“Welcome home, Jack,” Sarah said as she showed him into the main office.

Book of Darkness by Sophie Duncan and Natasha Duncan-Drake Book of Darkness by Sophie Duncan and Natasha Duncan-Drake
Six horror stories to spook and scare all horror fans.

click for Book of Darkness details, offer and drabbles
Sleep Of The Damned by Natasha Duncan-Drake
How would you cope if you discovered your bed was haunted?
BFF by Sophie Duncan
New school, new best friend, but Karen discovers that Debbie has dark secrets.
Just One Day by Sophie Duncan
The house was a bargain and Georgie loves it, so she’s not going to listen to the strange warning from the estate agent that for one day every year it is haunted.
The Crosses We Bear by Natasha Duncan-Drake
Shitty hotel, shitty team bonding weekend, but Lyle gets more than he bargained for when he removes the cross from above his bed.
Queen Of My World by Sophie Duncan
Alfred doesn’t like people very much, but he knows how to use them to get what he wants and he wants Lissy.
Dead Not Dying by Natasha Duncan-Drake
Jo loves her cat, Tigger, but when he comes back from near death, Jo eventually realises that it might actually have been death itself.

Smashwords Offer Code: DR49D – reduced to 99c Supernature from Smashwords.
for all other buying options (no offer) please click here


by Sophie Duncan
Author’s note: Danger comes from the most innocent things. This drabble was inspired by the short story BFF.

“Give me the doll, Darling.”

“No, no!”

“You know what Dr Holstrum said, she’s bad for you.”

“She’s mine!”

“Just put her in the box, Sweetie.”

“She’s my friend! No!”

“Then sit her on the counter, just for a minute, so we can talk.”

“I know what you do. You want to trick us!”

“I want to help you, Darling. Just put down the doll.”

“No, not ever!”

“Darling…put down the knife. Come on, Sweetie, it’s me, Kevin, your husband.”

“Leave us alone.”

“Marissa, please!”

“You go away. We don’t need you!”

“Put down the knife…Marissa…Darling. No!!!”


by Natasha Duncan-Duncan
Author’s note: This doesn’t go with any specific story in the book, but it is the same genre.

“Good morning, Mr Langdon, how are you feeling this morning?”

John looked up at the mirrored glass in front of him.

“I just want to go home.”

“Of course, but you must be well first. Did you dream about your wife again?”

“Yeah, when she attacked me after…”

“She died?”

John nodded.

“It’s amazing isn’t it,” her aide said as Dr Hallow’s turned off the mic and marked her observations on her clipboard.

“Amazing and tragic,” she replied. “Release the rabbits, please. He still believes he’s alive.”

Behind the glass Langdon fell on the animals mindlessly.

“Until he smells prey.”

The Other Half of Everything by Sophie Duncan and Natasha Duncan-Drake The Other Half of Everything by Sophie Duncan
14 stories of all genres written by Sophie Duncan, including fantasy, horror, paranormal, sci-fi and more.

click for The Other Half of Everything details, offer and drabbles
Incubus Shadows (Erotic Fantasy M/M/M)
Samling-Born (YA Contemporary Fantasy)
The Name Is The Game (Paranormal Contemporary Fantasy)
The Gift (Fantasy)
Undercover (M/M Erotic Crime)
BFF (Horror)
The End Of The Journey (The Hidden War #1) (YA Contemporary Fantasy, M/M Romance)
Just One Day (Horror)
Girl In The Mirror (Paranormal Fantasy)
A Special Catch (M/F Erotic Sci-Fi)
Song For A Sovereign (Fantasy)
Queen of My World (Horror)
All In The Mind (Sci-Fi)
A New Path (The Hidden War #2) (YA Contemporary Fantasy, M/M Romance)

Smashwords Offer Code: TK36U- reduced to 99c The Other Half of Everything from Smashwords.
for all other buying options (no offer) please click here


by Sophie Duncan
Author’s note: It’s cold, it’s dark, it’s haunted. This drabble takes place just before the events of Song For A Sovereign.

The wind howled round the rocks and, wrapping her cloak tighter, Beriel shifted closer to Gaven on their log. The old man gave her a disdainful look.

“It’s cold!” Beriel defended herself tartly.

It wasn’t really the cold that was bothering her, though. She’d heard stories about these hills: ghosts wandered them, spectres of travellers lost in storms that could strike without warning.

“Then go get more wood for the fire,” Gaven ordered.

Beriel stiffened. Gaven glared.

“A sorcerer has no call to be afraid of superstitions,” Gaven sniffed.

Beriel sniffed back.

“Well I’m only an apprentice, you’re the sorcerer.”

Half of Everything by Natasha Duncan-Drake Half of Everything by Natasha Duncan-Drake
14 stories of all genres written by Natasha Duncan-Drake, including fantasy, horror, paranormal, sci-fi and more.

click for Half of Everything details, offer and drabbles
Queen of Heaven (Sci-Fi)
Sleep Of The Damned (Horror)
To Life Reborn (Fantasy)
Cleave To Until Forever (M/M Paranormal Romance)
Lost Kitty (YA Sci-Fi)
The Machine (Contemporary Fantasy with M/M Romance)
The Vampire Who Loved Me (Paranormal Espionage, M/M/F)
God of Love (M/M Erotica Fantasy)
All That Glitters (M/M Romance)
Connections (M/M/F Erotic Sci-Fi)
The Crosses We Bear (Horror)
Timothy (M/F Paranormal Romance)
Dead Not Dying (Horror)
The Beginning (YA Urban Horror)

Smashwords Offer Code: MB25R- reduced to 99c Half of Everything from Smashwords.
for all other buying options (no offer) please click here


by Natasha Duncan-Drake
Author’s note: This is another one where I decided to go with the horror genre rather than writing a drabble for a specific story in the book.

Melissa could see the dark shape by the wall out of the corner of her eye, but she did not dare turn her head. She could feel it watching her; knew that’s what it most wanted.

She had woken from a deep sleep, the light from a streetlamp partially illuminating the room, and she had almost simply glanced around. But she had felt it: the evil. It made her nerves prickle and her body feel like lead. Instinctively she recognised one glance was all it would need. It was pure malice.

It lurked, waiting for her to acknowledge its existence.

Myriad Imaginings by Natasha Duncan-Drake  and Sophie DuncanMyriad Imaginings by Natasha Duncan-Drake and Sophie Duncan
31 stories of all genres including fantasy, horror, paranormal, sci-fi and more.

click for Myriad Imaginings details, offer and drabbles
Queen of Heaven by Natasha Duncan-Drake (Sci-Fi)
Incubus Shadows by Sophie Duncan (M/M/M Erotic Fantasy)
Sleep of The Damned by Natasha Duncan-Drake (Horror)
Samling-Born by Sophie Duncan (YA Contemporary Fantasy)
To Life Reborn by Natasha Duncan-Drake (Fantasy)
The Name Is The Game by Sophie Duncan (Paranormal Contemporary Fantasy)
Cleave To Until Forever by Natasha Duncan-Drake (M/M Paranormal Romance)
The Gift by Sophie Duncan (Fantasy)
Lost Kitty by Natasha Duncan-Drake (YA SciFi)
Undercover by Sophie Duncan (M/M Erotic Crime Drama)
The Machine by Natasha Duncan-Drake (Contemporary Fantasy, M/M Romance)
BFF by Sophie Duncan (Horror)
The Vampire Who Loved Me by Natasha Duncan-Drake (Paranormal Espionage, M/M/F menage)
The End of The Journey by Sophie Duncan (Contemporary Fantasy, M/M Romance)
God of Love by Natasha Duncan-Drake (M/M Erotic Fantasy)
Just One Day by Sophie Duncan (Horror)
All The Glitters by Natasha Duncan-Drake (M/M Romance)
Girl In The Mirror by Sophie Duncan (Paranormal Fantasy)
Connections by Natasha Duncan-Drake (M/M/F Erotic SciFi)
A Special Catch by Sophie Duncan (M/F Erotic SciFi)
The Crosses We Bear by Natasha Duncan-Drake (Horror)
Song For A Sovereign by Sophie Duncan (Fantasy)
Timothy by Natasha Duncan-Drake (M/F Paranormal Romance)
Queen of My World by Sophie Duncan (Horror)
Dead Not Dying by Natasha Duncan-Drake (Horror)
All In The Mind by Sophie Duncan (SciFi)
The Beginning by Natasha Duncan-Drake (YA Urban Horror, Paranormal Fantasy)
A New Path by Sophie Duncan (YA Contemporary Fantasy, M/M Romance)

Smashwords Offer Code: QJ77L- reduced to 99c Myriad Imaginings from Smashwords.
for all other buying options (no offer) please click here

What They Don’t Tell You

by Natasha Duncan-Drake
Author’s note: Another horror drabble from me. Hope it creeps you out :).

Hiding under the covers made you safe. It was a rule every child knew and understood. It was a shame no one mentioned that it only worked before you were grown up.

When the ghost glided through the wall, Sam had instinctively dived for safety, phone clutched in a death grip in her hand. The phone’s screen now illuminated everything beneath the duvet: her breath clouding in white puffs ; her shivering frame; the laughing little cats on her ridiculous pyjamas; the ghost’s rotting arm sticking through the covers and its tattered, horrific fingers curled possessively around her shaking wrist.

Sweet Transvestite

by Sophie Duncan
Author’s note: Eddie’s professionalism takes a knock. This story takes place before the events in Undercover.

Eddie didn’t normally watch the other strippers, but he was waiting for Den at the bar and the opening notes of ‘Sweet Transvestite’ caught his attention. He looked up at the stage as Col strutted out into the spotlight. The crowd cheered and Eddie’s skin broke into goosebumps.

His attention closed down to the lithe, gyrating body, the beat throbbing through his own muscles and Eddie realised why Col got the good tips. Eddie licked his lips: this was so unprofessional. Still he watched: the elegant arch of Col’s back, the glint in the other dancer’s eye.

Eddie was hooked.

Night Blood by Sophie DuncanNight Blood by Sophie Duncan
A YA novel of vampires, kidnapping, secrets and exciting adventure.

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#1 in The Night Blood Chronicles -Tom Franklin has never really understood his midnight cravings for red meat. His Harley Street doctor had always diagnosed his symptoms as a protein deficiency, aggravated by stress, yet, when his symptoms escalate, Tom’s parents are forced to reveal the truth: he isn’t quite human.

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Scared of the Dark?

by Sophie Duncan
Author’s Note: Even vampires can be scared of the dark. This story takes place after Night Blood #1.

Finding himself wandering around the manor halls alone at night was not something unusual for Tom. The government staff maintained shifts, but there were always fewer people around in the wee hours. Tom liked it like that.

He sat in the library with a book on his lap, but he’d stopped reading and he didn’t know why. He listened to the creeks of the house, peering into the dark outside the pool of his reading lamp and the hairs on the back of his neck lifted.

Night vision, or not, he was still a little bit scared of the dark.

The Diablo Ouija by Sophie DuncanThe Diablo Ouija by Sophie Duncan
Short horror story to go with The Haward Mysteries.

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Theo and Remy Haward are drawn into a ghostly murder investigation on Hallowe’en.

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No Such Thing as Ghosts

by Sophie Duncan
Author’s Note: The magical world doesn’t believe in ghosts, but Remy’s not so sure. This story takes place the night after the Diablo Ouija.

Remy paced his room, hearing on alert for every groan the old manor made, eyes flicking to each shadow.


He spun to find Theo in his doorway. He grimaced. Theo walked into the room and stopped in front of him, expression neutral except for sympathy in his twin’s eyes.

“Ghosts don’t exist!” burst out of Remy in quick time.

He huffed.

“There were ghosts last night, weren’t there?”

Theo looked torn. That worried Remy: there wasn’t much that left Theo undecided.

“Want me to sleep here tonight?” Theo asked with a shrug.

Embarrassed, but relieved, Remy nodded quickly once.

Face of the Dead by Natasha Duncan-DrakeFace of the Dead by Natasha Duncan-Drake
An explicit male/male story with ghosts and a twist in the tale.

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Old houses creak and groan and make noises. Miles had expected that when he bought the farmhouse, but the tapping on the windows is a bit of a shock the first night he moves in.
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Night Terrors

by Natasha Duncan-Drake
Author’s note: This drabble is set in the middle of the story and is a scene I had in my head, but decided did not need to be on the page until now.

Miles actually felt himself twitch as it came again: tap, scrape. He was clenching his jaw so hard it hurt.

It was ridiculous. It was probably just some damned bird, or someone with a stick and sick, twisted sense of humour, but he could not for the life of him make himself look. The curtains remained a blessing and a curse as they barred him from seeing the truth.

Tap, scrape.

This time he shot out of bed; he had had enough. Grabbing the duvet and his pillow, he ran for the door, thudding downstairs into the warm, inviting kitchen.

The Need In Me by Sophie DuncanThe Need In Me by Sophie Duncan
A ghost story to tingle the spine with male/male explicit content.

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Struggling artist, Rob, has come to London to make his name. However, moving into a flat in an old house, he finds himself with some unwanted attention of the supernatural kind.

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by Sophie Duncan
Author’s Note: This story takes place after the events in The Need In Me.

Flat door open, Buki found Rob where he had left him before going to an audition, at the easel, painting furiously. His boyfriend had been in a creative fervour since they had returned from Cornwall. That had meant days of artistic madness and some passionate nights as well.

Buki walked up behind Rob, wrapping his arms around the paint-strewn boiler suit Rob had brought back with them too. Rob leant easily back into him. Buki smiled, seeing Rob’s painting over his boyfriend’s shoulder. A broken tree in an unpeopled moorscape – only they could understand the joy within that image.

Chip Off the Old Block? by Natasha Duncan-DrakeChip Off the Old Block? by Natasha Duncan-Drake
An explicit male/male story with lots of humour and the Anti-Christ.

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The Anti-Christ is coming! His name is Owen. Well technically it’s Beherit, but that’s so last millennium.
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Same Old, Same Old…

by Natasha Duncan-Drake
Author’s note:  Hope you enjoy this glimpse of Owen and David once they have left school behind.

“Dammit,” Owen complained loudly as the doorbell rang just as he was beginning to peel David out of his clothes.

“I’ll see who it is,” his boyfriend offered and ran out of the bedroom of their new flat.

Things had been quite exciting since school and Owen had just landed his breakout part in a film. The flat was the first he had bought with his own money.

“Um, it’s for you,” David said in rather a strangled tone as he was shoved through the door by a man holding a shotgun and a cross.

“Oh not again,” said Owen.

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