NEW RELEASE The Machine: Rise of the Gifted #SciFi #Gay #Romance

The Machine: Rise of the Gifted

  The Machine Rise of the Gifted by Natasha Duncan-Drake Men in black aren’t usually associated with figure skating, but when MiBs try to arrest men’s champion Louis Hayes, his ex-rival Rafe Derouet finds out to his cost that telepathic x-files really do exist. FREE 21st – 23rd Feb ONLY   Rafe Derouet used to be a world class, British […]

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Birthday Bargains! 50-100% OFF eBooks

Birthday Bargains! 50-100% OFF eBooks It’s our birthday 🙂 We have decided to celebrate by giving back to our readers and having a 1 day sale on our eBooks. Most of our 99c books are FREE today and our other books are all 50% off. The links below will take you to Smashwords where you can use the code below each […]

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AtoZChallenge 2015: J is for Job

AtoZ Header Wittegen Press

AtoZChallenge 2015: J is for Job Welcome, or welcome back for some to the Wittegen Press blog. Today Natasha Duncan-Drake will be giving us some insight into why ‘job’ is important to her book Three Bullets. Three Bullets is not my usual sort of book, it has nothing paranormal or magical in it 🙂 . It is a male/male action adventure with […]

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