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AtoZ Challenge 2015 Wittegen Press JAtoZChallenge 2015: J is for Job

Welcome, or welcome back for some to the Wittegen Press blog. Today Natasha Duncan-Drake will be giving us some insight into why ‘job’ is important to her book Three Bullets.

Three Bullets is not my usual sort of book, it has nothing paranormal or magical in it 🙂 . It is a male/male action adventure with bullets and guns. I enjoyed writing it immensely never the less and the reason I tackled it was because I was commissioned to do so. Writing this book was a job.

Sophie and I used to have a small sideline called Penny Dreadfuls 21 where for the price of £15 we would write anyone a story with any content they wanted. The story was then theirs exclusively for 60 days after completion (to allow for it being given as a gift), after which we had the right to publish it.

A very nice person commissioned me to write Three Bullets and asked for multi-racial, action adventure with male/male sexual content. The only problem we had was Jim and Steve didn’t used to be called Jim and Steve as I managed to pick two names out of the air that were the names of two people the commissioner knew really well so I had to change them 🙂 .

I always enjoyed Penny Dreadfuls commissions and I’m a little sad we had to close it up, but we were just too busy concentrating on Wittegen Press.

If you commissioned a story, what kind of content would you choose?

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Bae is just looking for a job to help him save enough money to go to college. Jim Jones is looking for a house sitter and the pay is good so it’s a match made in heaven. Only problem is, the ad never mentioned Steve, Jim’s temporarily blind brother, or the lights suddenly going out and all hell breaking lose. Jim and Steve aren’t what they pretend to be and Bae is right in the middle.

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