AtoZChallenge 2015: I is for Insanity

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AtoZ Challenge 2015 Wittegen Press IAtoZChallenge 2015: I is forย Insanity

Hello fellow AtoZers and welcome to the Wittegen Press blog where we’re talking about the ‘why’ behind some of our books. Today Natasha Duncan-Drake and Sophie Duncan will be talking about why they went temporarily insane.

Think back to July 2012 and the Olympic Games. It was one of those years where everything seemed to need to be that much bigger. In honour of this amazing event, Soph and I had a moment of insanity ๐Ÿ™‚ . We decided to have a Giveaway Games.

In our mutual loss of common sense we decided to give away a free short story or, in some cases, half a novelette or novella followed subsequently by the second half, each day for the whole month.

31 days of fiction in every genre we could come up with from horror to fantasy and everything in between. We ended up with 28 separate stories, each day packaged up for download on that day only. It was awesome and utterly manic. Sometimes we were up until midnight putting together the final downloadable versions.

I think it was a bit like running a race, we got into a zone and the adrenaline kept us going, we didn’t notice the pain (too much) until we looked back!

Anyway, once the Giveaway Games was over, we knew we wanted to do something with all the stories, because they’d only be available for a day. Thus came about the Giveaway Games Anthologies. In case folks didn’t like all the genres, or indeed, either author, we broke the stories down in those ways, all, by genre and by author. Myriad Imaginings, which is the book that is FREE today, is the anthology with all the stories in it.

The Giveaway Games was fun, totally mad and we’re never doing it again! Well, not until we forget how frantic it was, anyway ;P

Have you ever done anything so totally nuts you doubt your own sanity!?

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The Giveaway Games - Myriad Imaginings by Sophie Duncan & Natasha Duncan-DrakeMyriad Imaginingsย by Natasha Duncan-Drake and Sophie Duncan

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2 writers, 31 days of writing madness, the result: 28 fabulously diverse stories for your reading pleasure, including horror, fantasy and science fiction, paranormal adventure, young adult and erotica.

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