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AtoZ Challenge 2015 Wittegen Press KAtoZChallenge 2015: K is for Kick

Our theme here at Wittegen Press this year is ‘why’, specifically, why have we, as authors, written the titles we have. And, each day, the book we’re talking about will be FREE.

Today isn’t about the kind of kick that is a ‘kick in the teeth’, or even one where a football is involved, it’s about the kick I get out of saying thank you, and that’s how The Diablo Ouija came about.

When someone does something nice for me, or is supportive, or friendly, I like to say thank you. Two simple little words, but they allow me to acknowledge my gratitude to another person. The Diablo Ouija is our way at Wittegen Press, of saying thank you to our readers. It’s a FREE short story for anyone to download, but its specifically aimed at our readers, to say thanks for being there, taking the time to download our books, reviewing them even.

Since the thank you is aimed at our readers, we decided it would be good to expand on existing characters, to given people another story linked into one of our series, and since it was from both of us at Wittegen Press, we chose The Haward Mysteries as the series.

I wrote this story for Hallowe’en 2011, so it has ghosts as well as magic and murder mystery.  And I hope you enjoy my 11K thank you as well!

What’s the best way anyone has ever said thank you to you?

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The Haward Mysteries - The Diablo Ouija by Sophie DuncanThe Diablo Ouija by Sophie Duncan

There’s no need for a code, this book is permanently  FREE, so just follow the title link above for all the download options.

Theo and Remy Haward are drawn into a ghostly murder investigation on Hallowe’en when The Diablo Ouija, a dangerous magical item, is stolen from the SeCT evidence store. Theo turns to his old mentor, retired DCI Swanson, for more information about the one-time tool of serial killer, Raymond Holiday, and discovers Swanson has been keeping a secret about the deadly spirit board.

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  1. I think that’s a lovely way to say thank you to your readers, giving them more things to read 😀 Duly downloaded and thank you!

    I think one of my nicest thank yous was many years later, I used to be a mental health worker and I bumped into someone I used to work with at a time in their life when things were really tough. It was many years ago but they wanted to thank me for basically doing my job, but the heartfelt thanks of how I worked with them gave me a warm glow for days. Actually, now I think about it, I think most of my most valued thank yous have been of this nature.

    Jewellery wise (as my theme is addicted to beads) I’ve been given a couple of beads as a thank you for work I’ve done for people (unpaid and for the love of blogging not for payment, but those unexpected thank yous have been very special).

    Mars xx

  2. I’m glad you enjoy thanking people, because that’s how you earn loyal readers.

    The best way anyone has ever said thank you to me is…I can’t say. Probably a well worded note.

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