Light of Christmas – Free Holiday Anthology for One and All!

Free Christmas book 2019 from Wittegen Press

It’s Christmas! So this month Natasha and Sophie have a free holiday anthology for everyone. We want to spread a little Christmas cheer and, hopefully, bring a smile to all faces.  If you’re feeling down around this time, for whatever reason, hugs to you and we hope it gets better for you soon. Light of Christmas Our little anthology has two […]

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How We Format eBooks – 2019 Edition

How We Format eBooks - 2019

Technology is always changing and so the way we do things at Wittegen Press often changes. We have just created for ourselves a new checklist for creating our eBooks so that all of our books are standardised and we can carry out the task as efficiently as possible. This is a version of our checklist which we hope will be […]

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Free Fiction Friday – Once a Month, Every Month

Free Fiction Friday at Wittegen Press

Everyone likes free fiction and we enjoy making our readers happy so the 1st Friday of every month (from Jul 2017) is now : Free Fiction Friday Each month on the 1st Friday we will post a NEW FREE SHORT STORY. These short stories will be exclusive reads for members of our newsletter and at first were password protected blog posts, […]

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