Share Your Favourite Book for World Book Day! (And Get A Free Book)

World Book Day 5th March 2015

World Book Day is a chance for we bibliophiles to promote reading to one and all, and to celebrate the joy of the written word!

So, in honour of today, we at Wittegen Press will give you ANY ONE of our titles FREE.

ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS LEAVE US A COMMENT TELLING US YOUR FAVOURITE BOOK AND WHY YOU LOVE IT and also letting us know which one of our books you’d like. Remember to fill in your email address where the comment form asks for it so we can send you the FREE Smashwords code (we will not use your email address for anything other than sending you the code).

And now we can tell you which books are our favourites! 🙂

Sophie: My favourite book in the world is The Dark Is Rising by SusanThe Dark is Rising Cooper. It’s the second book in a children’s fantasy series all entitled The Dark Is Rising Sequence, which features a boy called Will, who discovers he is an Old One fighting for the forces of Light against those of Darkness. The stories are all set in the UK and are based around Celtic and Arthurian legend, but, I was always pleased that they were not slavish to those legends. They are well written, strong stories with meaty characters and some grey areas between Light & Dark.

I read the books as a teenager and fell instantly in love with the world that Susan Cooper has created. The mystery of the Old Ones, and the threat, but also the charm of The Rider and his fellows, who fight for The Dark, drew me in, and I was hooked from the very first page. This is contemporary fantasy at its best and, even though these books were written in the 60’s and 70’s, they do not date too badly.  This book is a really good introduction to fantasy for any young reader and even the older ones can keep coming back to these stories.

As you can see, I could gush all day, but now I’ll hand over to Tasha to tell you about her favourite book.

Enchanter's_End_Game_coverThis is actually an easy question for me :). I have many almost favourite books, but my all time favourite has been the same for many years.

I actually have a favourite series, which is The Belgariad by David Eddings and my favourite book from the series is the last one, Enchanter’s End Game.

It was actually the first book in the series that I read. I found it while on summer holiday in a second hand book shop and I failed to noticed that it said it was book 5. You know it is a sign of a well written book when you leap in at book 5 and can still figure out what was going on.

In the end I read the books in this order: 5, 1, 3, 4, 2 – because that was the order I managed to buy them in.

These are the books I go to when I want a warm fuzzy feeling and I can read them all in a weekend. I love the coming of age and into a destiny trope and the sword and sorcery and especially the characters. It is the characters that really make these books. I always want to know about them even though I have read their adventures over and over again. The series is magical and the heroic conclusion speaks to so many of my favourite tropes. I heartily recommend them to all fantasy fans who have no yet had a chance to read them.

So those are our favourite books – NOW TELL US YOURS! 😀

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    • Miriam k Ferguson

      I love “Graceland” by Chris abiani, he is a force in literary community, this novel I’ve read five delicious times!

    • Hey 🙂 My favorite book is The Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice. I love this book because of the awesome story but also because it’s tied with some good memories. I discovered both the book and the author at a time in my life when huge changes were happening. So, apart from the story itself, the book carries its own share of history for me.

      I tried to access the list of books you are offering, but got an error message 404 Not Found. Maybe you could see what’s that about?

      • I love that book too, but my fav of the series is Queen of the Damned :).

        Sorry for the error, somehow it was working when we tested it, but corrupted on live, it has now been edited so that it’s working correctly.
        For ease of reference, all our books are listed here:

      • Hi there 🙂

        Sorry about the broken link 🙁 Should be all fixed now. And you should also be receiving am email about your FREE ebook.

        And on to the book chat 🙂 Being a big vampire fan, I really should have read this one, but I haven’t *hangs head in shame*, but Tash has often waxed lyrical to me about it and Queen of the Damned and Interview with a Vampire. When there’s history between you and a book, it can make it more vivid. I have one favourite book that I love to read to frighten me 🙂 When I was a kid, I read my first non-fiction ghost book, Aidan Chambers Book of Ghosts & Hauntings. The thing was, I was living in a haunted house at the time and, although it wasn’t a bad ghost, it used to give me the creeps and I associated that book with those feelings of unease, so when I reread that book it makes me nervous, even though other books on the subject I can read with impunity :D.

    • Lily Alice

      It’s very difficult to choose just one favorite, and probably depends on mood or season. I made a “desert island” list a few months ago, and I think I had it narrowed to 15. The Dark is Rising was on it.

      In one mood, I’d say The Salmon of Doubt by Douglas Adams, but in my current mood, Gaudy Night by Dorothy L. Sayers. I like getting absorbed in all the rarified details.

      • I haven’t ready Gaudy Night, but I just saw a TV show about the history of murder in the UK, and they talked about the Golden Age of Detective Fiction and they waxed lyrcial about how good this book was, so I was considering then to go read it. I am an Agatha Christie fan, reading and watching, and I have seen Dorothy L Sayers on TV, but I’ve never read her. I think I must put her on my list. Another detective writer I have started reading recently is Ngaio Marsh and her Inspector Alleyn Mysteries – they are actually really rather funny, she has a dry sense of humour.

        Thanks for commenting, an email is on its way to you to discuss your free book.

        • Lily Alice

          I keep meaning to try Ngaio Marsh, never seem to quite get to her. Just yesterday I looked her up on Oyster to see what they’ve got. For Gaudy Night, I’d say it’s best to read the four books featuring her in order, if not the whole Lord Peter Wimsey series. She appears first in Strong Poison, then Have Her Carcase, and then Gaudy Night is followed up by Busman’s Honeymoon, which has an entrancing epistolary introduction.

      • I saw the same program as Soph and Gaudy Night did sound like a good book :). I haven’t read many mystery books, I tend to watch the TV and Film adaptations more, but I’ve been meaning to take a peek at the originals. I often wonder what the producers add in.

    • Eve

      I have many favorites and most include books by Agatha Christie, Anne Perry, and Elizabeth Peters, but one that stands out that I read last year is The Solitary House by Lynn Shepherd. She is a brilliant literary mystery writer. A literary mystery consists of one part literary fiction and one party mystery and crime. Shepherd takes literary themes and characters from Charles Dickens’ Bleak House and creates a shocking twist of mystery and crime that makes this book one of a kind. I recommend this book to mystery readers!

    Leave a Reply