Love, Relics and Vampires – The Avebury Legacy

Vampires and romance seem to go hand in glove as one of the most popular genres available in modern fiction, be it written or in moving pictures. You only have to search for ‘love and vampires’ on Google to have loads of hits, 10 Vampire Stories That Are More Romantic Than Twilight: Breaking Dawn being only one of them.

I enjoy a good vampire romance myself, but I also enjoy vampires to be the evil lurking in the dark. Dracula is a great example of a crossover between the two extremes and one of my favourite vampire stories, at least in movie form.

Quentin Tarantino - Dusk Till DawnWhen I wrote The Avebury Legacy the one thing I was absolutely sure of was that the vampires had to be nasty. I was thinking Salem’s Lot, John Carpenter’s Vampires and From Dusk till Dawn when I imagined these vampires, not Twilight, Vampire Diaries or Anita Blake. My vampires in this book are no longer human with human needs. They are killing machines who live for the hunt and for blood. They live in communal groups with an alpha and their spawn; the alpha being the brains and her creations acting more like mindless worker bees than humans.

This is the fate which awaits my protagonists, Nate and Lexie, if they cannot find a cure for the vampirism infecting them. Usually immediately fatal, turning humans into vampires in hours, Lexie’s magic has slowed down the change, giving them at least a chance. However, her purification ritual won’t last forever and so they need to find the relics from the ancient Avebury ritual which may hold a cure.

This is where the love comes into my tale. I am a romantic at heart, I admit it, and while I do enjoy fiction that has no romantic relationships in it at all, I love an undercurrent of love as well.

The evolution of Nate and Lexie’s relationship within The Avebury Legacy is important to the plot. It is part of the progression of their condition as they lose more of their humanity. Their connection helps them to hold on and keep their vampire natures at bay and yet sometimes that connection is what threatens to overwhelm them. This is not a love conquers all book, but it does have an element of love can help people stay strong when all seems lost.

In celebration of Valentine’s Day We extended the offer to the 6th, The Avebury Legacy is 99c for ONE MORE week only. Please see the bottom of the post for links. Thank you for reading and I will leave you with a question:

Do you prefer your vampires sexy and romantic, or slathering and evil, or a mixture of the two?

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