Twins! (The Haward Mysteries Drabble) DC82 – ‘unite’

Drabble CascadeThis is a short fiction for contemporary fantasy series, The Haward Mysteries. A drabble is a fiction of exactly 100 words.


by Sophie Duncan

Most people had no idea what it meant to be a twin and Theo didn’t think about it very often, his fraternal bond with Remy just was. A knowing, an innate understanding of each other, a oneness that transcended all else.

Theo snorted to himself as that last thought sounded pretentious, even to him. Philosophy was all very well, but what it came down to was the fact that he was ‘the sensible twin’, the cleaner-up of Remy’s ‘oopses’.

He smiled ruefully to himself and bent to help Remy up from the magical heap his brother had just landed in.


The Haward Mysteries

Remy and Theo Haward weren’t expected to be police officers, they had trained to be Magical Technicians (MTechs), a respectable job for any Natural Magic User. However, after a traumatic attack left Theo fighting for his life, they chose to join the front line of magical law enforcement. Now detectives in the Sorcerous Crimes Taskforce’s, Murder Squad, they form a formidable team investigating deaths that the rest of Britain can’t explain and doesn’t know about.
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  1. Alright, I’ve been hoarding The Diablo Quija thinking that I needed to read it soon. Now I know I have to read it soon.

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