Y – Yeastiest Yarn – Literary Smackdown #AtoZChallenge 2016

Y - Literary Smackdown
Welcome to the second to last day of the AtoZChallenge and the letter Y. Today we wish you to vote for the Yeastiest Yarn – in other words that story which goes on and on and on and grows and grows and grows. We have two classics for you today for chose from.

Who will you vote for in Literary Smackdown

  • Battlefield Earth ( L. Ron Hubbard)
    Now here we have epic SciFi action. The Psychlos rule earth, stripping it of all its natural resources and humans are reduced to less than 50,000 individuals, in backwards tribes. One young human rises up to try and save his planet … and try … and try … and try. This is  really big book.


  • Lord of the Rings (J. R. R. Tolkien)
    An epic fantasy of the highest order, Hobbits need to destroy a ring with the help of a wizard, some men, an elf and a dwarf. Only it’s not that simple and what looks like a straightforward quest goes sideways and then sideways some more and turns into everyone good fighting everyone bad, with some complete lunatics thrown in for good measure. This is also a really long tale, with appendices.
Vote for the Yeastiest Yarn:

Battlefield Earth (L. Ron Hubbard)
The Lord of the Rings (J R.R. Tolkien)

Do Riddles


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What is the AtoZChallenge?

For those who don’t know, the AtoZChallenge is a giant blog hop with thousands of blogs taking part. Every day in April, apart from Sundays, these blogs will post using a letter of the alphabet at a prompt, e.g. A on 1st, B on 2nd etc.
It has been running since 2010 and was thought up by the lovely Arlee Bird who put out a challenge and it has grown and grown since. It is a superb way to meet other bloggers and to have a huge amount of fun.

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