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AtoZ Challenge 2015 Wittegen Press DAtoZChallenge 2015: D is for Dragon

Greetings to day 4 of our blog posts for A to Z. So, our theme here at Wittegen Press this year is ‘why’, specifically, why have we, as authors, written the titles we have. And, each day, the book we’re talking about will be FREE.

Who doesn’t love baby dragons? And that is the number one reason for Bonds of Fire, the book you can find for FREE below. I love dragons, big ones, scary ones, talking ones and wild ones, and little baby ones are just irresistible. And yes, I did have the heart-melting image of a muscled, strong man holding a tiny baby in his arms when I started writing this story, only, in my head, that baby was not a human child, but a vulnerable, newly hatched dragon.

From there this story more or less wrote itself. Drekken, my Dragon Warrior, hard-edged from years in the army, solidified as a character pretty quickly and little D, the Grey Wing baby he has to protect followed on soon after that. And where there’s one baby dragon, there have to be more, right?

So there was my main plot, young dragons trapped behind enemy lines needing help to reach safety. But my muse was nagging at me and I wanted more in the story. Enter Malachi and Yakov, empaths who are the babies’ nurses. That’s when I knew I had my whole plot, and the relationship that develops between the young men and the seasoned fighter wove itself right into their escape over the mountains away from the dangers of the war.

I enjoyed developing the relationship between Drekken and D; I took time crafting my ideas about how dragon hatchlings interact with their parents and what that would mean to Drekken, who already shares a bond with his dragon, Miri. Yakov and Malachi, too, were interesting characters to build, and my ideas about them formed as I began writing.

In fact, my ideas about the whole story grew as I wrote, and, indeed, are still growing. I’ve had some readers asking for more, and my brain seems to agree with them. This story is a novella, but I feel it has more to offer in novel format, so I am currently reworking it and adding a much longer plot, for which this story make the first act.

Anyway, enough of my musings about dragons – what do you love (or hate if you are so inclined) about dragons?

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Bonds of Fire by Sophie DuncanBonds of Fire by Sophie Duncan

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Drekken is a dragon warrior. Bonded to his dragon, Miri, together they lead a squadron of fliers. His fliers respect him, his enemies fear him, his reputation precedes him. Yet, nothing in his life could have prepared Drekken for his greatest challenge: babysitting.

Stranded after a deadly battle, separated from his squadron and Miri, Drekken finds himself the only hope for two young empaths and their nursery group of hatchlings. He must lead them all to safety and, along the way, discover some truths about himself.

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  1. I adore Dragons, I had to resist doing that for D today as I did it last year… quite frankly I could do it every year!!

    I also love reading about Dragons so have downloaded the book too – it’s one of my favourite fantasy genres.

    I have lots of dragon beads and have just bought another two, a baby dragon and a dragon lock in silver… you can never have too many dragons!

    Good luck with expanding the story.

    Mars xx
    Curling Stones for Lego People

    1. You are someone after my own heart 🙂 Aww – those beads must be lovely – and no, you can never have too many dragons, that is for sure! Thanks with the good luck, I’m enjoying the expansion at the moment, it’s just a going a little slowly atm.

  2. I wrote a story about a shapeshifting dragon several years ago, and it was published in the anthology Firestorm of Dragons. Good luck with your story! It sounds like it would be a lot of fun to read.

  3. Baby dragons are so cute! My all-time favourite dragon will always be Mr. Dragon of the classic Mac game The Manhole. The updated version of the game I have now isn’t quite the same, and Mr. Dragon doesn’t seem quite as cool and trippy as he does in the glorious black and white original. He also doesn’t do as much stuff as he did before.

  4. I need to read more, just love the story line and like how you turn a war harden warrior into a loving father. The details you have put in place are teasers that caught my attention so much that I yearn to read more of his back story and where the future lies with his new charges. Don’t leave me hanging long.

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