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Long Shadow (The Burning Web Drabble) DC81 – ‘staple’

This is a short fiction for my ghost story, The Burning Web. A drabble is a fiction of exactly 100 words. Long Shadow by Sophie Duncan  Abdi had become such a common occurrence in his dreams, that, as he woke with the youth’s dead stare in his mind’s eye, Tris recognised the grief that came with the memory like it was something necessary […]

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Creativity (Soul Reader Drabble) DC81 – ‘staple’

This is a future fic for my series Soul Reader, but not too far in the future. A drabble is a fiction of exactly 100 words. Creativity by Natasha Duncan-Drake  John sat in the chair, legs over the arm, and just watched Michael. His lover was pouring over pieces of paper strewn all over the coffee table making notes here […]

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New Covers for The Soul Reader Series – Vampire Romance and Action

So the original covers for the current books in The Soul Reader Series were all created at different times over the course of publication. This means they were all slightly different. With a new book in the works I decided I wanted the covers to be more homogeneous. Hence a flurry of activity and producing three new covers. I’ve also […]

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The Burning Web (Ghost Story) by Sophie Duncan AVAILABLE NOW – Perfect for Halloween!

My newest release, The Burning Web, a spooky ghost story perfect for anyone getting into the spirit of Halloween, is available to buy now at Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Apple for only $3.99/£2.49. Something more than guilt is haunting ex-copper, Tris McCall, when he and his husband, Xander, refurbish a crumbling Victorian mansion, Berwick House. Faced with disbelief […]

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Cover Reveal – Assassin’s Blood – new short

So this is the cover for Assassin’s Blood a new short story by Natasha Duncan-Drake. It’s an exciting romp full of action and paranormal intrigue with a breath of romance to spice things up. Meet Kira Roltof, a vampire/werewolf hybrid and assassin with a rather twisted sense of humour. In this story she’s after a Mafia big shot, but runs into a […]

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The Burning Web (Ghost Story) by Sophie Duncan Available NOW for Pre-order

Wittegen Press Are Happy to Announce Available NOW For Pre-Order The Burning Web Sophie Duncan Is it symptoms left from his brain haemorrhage, or a guilty conscience that is making Tristan McCall see things no-one else can? Forced out of the police by scandal and illness, Tris is trying to rebuild his life through the renovation of the home he […]

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