T – Tastiest TV Adaptation – Literary Smackdown #AtoZChallenge 2016

T - Literary
We have made it all the way to T and today we are asking you to vote for the Tastiest TV Adaptation of a book in our Literary Smackdown. The #AtoZChallenge is coming towards its final week, which will you pick?

Who will you vote for in Literary Smackdown

  • Poldark with Aidan Turner
    We picked this, not just because Mr Turner gets his shirt off, but because it has amazing costumes and sets. It is full of adventure and wonderful characters and captivated many, many people when it aired. Do the tanilising Mr Turner and his friends get your vote?


  • Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries with Essie Davis
    This show has exhibitions of the costumes they are that good. Pu that together with the fact the cast are brilliant, the plots are awesome and there are lots of murders to solve and it’s win/win/win. Essie Davis is also absolutely wonderful as the rebellious Miss Fisher, surely she is worth your vote?
Vote for the Tastiest TV Adaptation

Poldark, Aidan Turner

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, Essie Davis


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What is the AtoZChallenge?

For those who don’t know, the AtoZChallenge is a giant blog hop with thousands of blogs taking part. Every day in April, apart from Sundays, these blogs will post using a letter of the alphabet at a prompt, e.g. A on 1st, B on 2nd etc.
It has been running since 2010 and was thought up by the lovely Arlee Bird who put out a challenge and it has grown and grown since. It is a superb way to meet other bloggers and to have a huge amount of fun.


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