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Phone Home (Vampires: The New Age, Flash Fiction)

The Avebury Legacy by Natasha Duncan-DrakeThe Avebury Legacy (Vampires: The New Age #1) is a dark fantasy novel full of excitement, action, a touch of romance and some really nasty vampires. I like to think of it as like Tomb Raider with vampires and way more magic.

You can read the first page of the book over at BooksGoSocial.com and/or you can check out the whole first chapter at The Avebury Legacy’s book listing on this site:  Wittegen Press, or use the look inside functionality over at Amazon or download the 20% sample at Smashwords. There are also sample options on all sites where the book is listed that offer that service, so you can try before you buy on which ever device you like to read.

The story below is set between the 1st and 2nd chapters of the book, but you don’t need to have read it to understand it. In fact, I hope the fic will entice you to try out the novel. Thank you very much for reading, comments are always welcome. Enjoy! (If you would like to know more about Nate, I have written a blog post all about him over at my personal blog).

Phone Home

by Natasha Duncan-Drake

“Laven residence,” came the familiar tones of his mother’s telephone voice.

She still sounded as English as the day they had emigrated and he doubted anything would ever change that.

“Hi, Mum,” he replied.

He’d never picked up the American ‘mom’ pronunciation, even thought he’d lived in the US so long. Some things had been hardwired into his brain after nine years growing up in England and it always seemed to please his mother for some reason. It always reminded him of those formative years and invariably brought back his accent so it was a bewildering mixture of English and American. He never did it with anyone else, just his family.

“Nate, how lovely to hear from you,” she said. She sounded happy, but a little cross at the same time, one of her specialities. “You realise you forgot your father’s birthday?”

“I know, I know, I’m sorry, work was crazy,” he apologised; he had been tracking an alpha and a spawn at the time and had totally failed to remember the family anniversary while trying not to die. “Tell him to check his email, I’ve sent something through.”

“I’m sure he’ll forgive you,” she told him, “especially if it’s anything to do with fishing. I don’t know what it is with you two and blood sports.”

Nate found himself smiling; the conversation always went along the same lines. When he had visited home once, soon after taking up vampire hunting, she had found a small stash of his weapons he had carelessly left in the back of his car, so she was convinced he liked hunting big game. He had shot the odd deer in his time, but only so he could eat it. Occasionally hunting the undead took him way off the beaten track.

“He throws back all the fish, Mum,” he said, “I don’t think you can really call it a blood sport.”

“And have you killed anything lately?”

“Nothing that wasn’t trying to kill me, promise,” he replied.

“Nathaniel,” his mother’s stern tone came back.

“No, really, I told you, I gave that up, it was only a phase,” he said. “I haven’t killed anything with a heartbeat in over a year.”

Both statements were technically true. There was no way he was ever letting his parents know what horrors lurked in the dark. He had made sure their house was warded against vampires the first time he had visited after he had discovered the creatures existed and they were never going to find out the truth. He hunted vampires so no one else had to find out like he had, covered in the blood of his best friend.

“And how’s the job?” his mother asked.

His parents thought he was a business consultant with a huge firm that kept him constantly travelling all over North America. It was kind of true, if you allowed that the business was burning vampires or chopping off their heads or staking them out in the sun. He wasn’t exactly employed by a firm, but Macintyre could be looked on as the C.E.O. of a company with a hell of a lot of contracting specialists.

“Going really well,” he replied. “I just landed a huge account in Canada. I’m heading up there today to close the deal. Should end up with a great bonus, so expect a big hamper next Christmas.”

“I’d prefer you instead,” was the instant response, “and you know you can come home before that anytime.”

He hadn’t been home since he was infected.

“And I will try, I promise,” he said, even though he was lying through his teeth.

Glancing over, he looked at his red vampire eyes in the mirror on the other side of the motel bed. There was no way he was going home until he and Lexie found the cure.

“Look,” he lied again, “they’ll be calling my flight soon so I have to go. Give my love to Dad and Georgie.”

“Call again soon, Nate,” his mother replied, “I love you.”

“Love you too, Mum, sorry, gotta go,” he said and pulled the phone away from his ear.

He hated lying to his family, but they were better out of the world he lived in.

“Everything okay?” Lexie asked as she came out of the bathroom.

He smiled a little sadly and nodded. At least he still had phone calls; Lexie hadn’t even spoken to her parents since she was attacked and left with the vampire curse. He really hoped they would find answers in Canada, because they were running out of time. The last thing he wanted for his mother was for her to have to bury an empty coffin and never know what really happened to him. If he died a hunter at least Macintyre would make sure his parents got his ashes, or at least something pretending to be his ashes. If he died a monster he’d just disappear. That was the way his world worked.

This story was inspired by the prompt for this week’s Drabble Cascade over at FB3X:

Waking Light (A ‘Hidden War’ Drabble) DC83 – ‘wick’

Drabble CascadeThis is a Damon Wulfres drabble – a story of exactly 100 words to go with my series The Hidden War. It is set between the end of the first story, The End of the Journey, and the beginning of the second, A New Path. I hope you enjoy it.

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Waking Light (A ‘Hidden War’ Drabble)

by Sophie Duncan

Damon got up and plodded sleepily over to his door. He flicked the light switch – nothing. Groaning, he turned and began feeling his way round his room for an alternative light-source. Half asleep still, he didn’t realise he was reaching out with more than fingers when, with a fizzing sound, a candle on the safe-house room’s mantle flickered into life.

Power tingled through him. Fascinated by it, Damon wandered over, examining the wick. However, his door slammed open. Zac’s worried voice demanded, “Damon?”

Despite his boyfriend’s worry, the strange, but comfortable feeling held sway. Damon turned, shrugged and smiled.


The Hidden War

The Hidden War Logo
The Hidden War
The Hidden War has been raging unseen by normal eyes for generations and Zac Kithrall, demon-seer, and Damon Wulfres, demon-raiser, have grown up on opposite sides of it. Yet, the threat of the end of the world brings the pair together, changing both of their lives forever. The Hidden War is a YA Contemporary Fantasy Series featuring a male/male romance.
The End of The Journey by Sophie Duncan
The End of The Journey (The Hidden War #1)

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Flickering Light (A Vampires: TNA Drabble) DC83 – ‘wick’

Drabble CascadeThis is a Nate Laven drabble – a story of exactly 100 words to go with my series Vampires: The New Age. It is short and sweet and I hope you enjoy it.

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Flickering Light (A Vampires: TNA Drabble)

by Natasha Duncan-Drake

Nate’s torch was in a hundred pieces and so a candle he had found was his only available light. When it went out with a small puff of smoke, he glared at the slightly glowing wick in betrayal.

Luckily his reflexes kicked in. Dropping the useless wax, he fell down onto one knee and brought his sword around in a swift arc. Spawn really were predictable and there was a satisfying scream as blade met flesh. Pulling a flare from his belt, he lit it and ran; he wasn’t stupid enough to stick around to see if it was dead.


Vampires: The New Age

Vampires: The New Age is a collection of books which detail what happens when the line between hunters and vampires becomes more than a little blurred and old legends and relics are needed again in the modern world.

When you’re a vampire hunter infected with vampirism your life expectancy is short. Nate’s a hunter and Lexie’s a witch and they have less than six months before Lexie’s magic can no longer delay the symptoms and keep them at least partially human.

N.B. If you are willing to give The Avebury Legacy and honest review you can get The Beginning absolutely free. See The Avebury Legacy listing for more details.

Twins! (The Haward Mysteries Drabble) DC82 – ‘unite’

Drabble CascadeThis is a short fiction for contemporary fantasy series, The Haward Mysteries. A drabble is a fiction of exactly 100 words.


by Sophie Duncan

Most people had no idea what it meant to be a twin and Theo didn’t think about it very often, his fraternal bond with Remy just was. A knowing, an innate understanding of each other, a oneness that transcended all else.

Theo snorted to himself as that last thought sounded pretentious, even to him. Philosophy was all very well, but what it came down to was the fact that he was ‘the sensible twin’, the cleaner-up of Remy’s ‘oopses’.

He smiled ruefully to himself and bent to help Remy up from the magical heap his brother had just landed in.


The Haward Mysteries

Remy and Theo Haward weren’t expected to be police officers, they had trained to be Magical Technicians (MTechs), a respectable job for any Natural Magic User. However, after a traumatic attack left Theo fighting for his life, they chose to join the front line of magical law enforcement. Now detectives in the Sorcerous Crimes Taskforce’s, Murder Squad, they form a formidable team investigating deaths that the rest of Britain can’t explain and doesn’t know about.
Sacrifice Of An Angel by Sophie Duncan and Natasha Duncan-Drake The Haward Mysteries - The Diablo Ouija by Sophie Duncan The Haward Mysteries - Rite Name by Sophie Duncan The Haward Mysteries - Stockings Two Christmas Short Stories by Sophie Duncan & Natasha Duncan-Drake

Together ( Charlie Waterman Drabble) DC82 – ‘unite’

Drabble CascadeThis is a Charlie Waterman drabble – a story of exactly 100 words to go with my series The Chronicles of Charlie Waterman. It is short and sweet and I hope you enjoy it.

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Together (A Charlie Waterman Drabble)

by Natasha Duncan-Drake

For Charlie, the greatest comfort he had as a Questor was that, no matter what the situation, all of them would unite when needed. Be it imminent danger or simply cheering up a friend, each of them was there for the others.

All seven of them had been chosen and when they were called they came.

He was beginning to think of their little group as a family, but he couldn’t help hoping that didn’t make him and Alexander the mum and dad. If it did he had a horrible suspicion he was the mother or rather the mother hen.


The Chronicles of Charlie Waterman

The Chronicles of Charlie Waterman is a set of YA style novels designed to be exciting, light reads for a crossover audience. They are filled with magic, adventure and a well developed sense of fun. Charlie is an ordinary 18 year old whose whole life is turned upside down when he is attacked by a two inch cat figurine. Magic was not in his plans, but he soon learns reality is not quite as straightforward as he thought.

Long Shadow (The Burning Web Drabble) DC81 – ‘staple’

Drabble CascadeThis is a short fiction for my ghost story, The Burning Web. A drabble is a fiction of exactly 100 words.

Long Shadow

by Sophie Duncan

 Abdi had become such a common occurrence in his dreams, that, as he woke with the youth’s dead stare in his mind’s eye, Tris recognised the grief that came with the memory like it was something necessary to live. This staple haunted him, feeding, freshening his guilt, and, in that moment of waking, he hung on to it, reminding himself that he was alive and Abdi was not.

And it was his fault.

He lay silent, letting Xander sleep. Something had woken him. Fear creeping in, he turned his head to the corner and met those now undead eyes directly.


The Burning Web

The Burning Web by Sophie Duncan
The Burning Web

Something more than guilt is haunting ex-copper, Tris McCall, when he and his husband, Xander, refurbish a crumbling Victorian mansion, Berwick House. Faced with disbelief and medical explanations for the spectral visitations from both his doctors and his partner, Tris must decide if it is the damage left by the brain injury he has suffered, or something darker that is speaking to him. Can he trust his own senses, and if he can, what are they telling him?

Creativity (Soul Reader Drabble) DC81 – ‘staple’

Drabble CascadeThis is a future fic for my series Soul Reader, but not too far in the future. A drabble is a fiction of exactly 100 words.


by Natasha Duncan-Drake

 John sat in the chair, legs over the arm, and just watched Michael. His lover was pouring over pieces of paper strewn all over the coffee table making notes here or there.

This had become a staple of their life together as Michael tried to finish the final draft of his play. He was making finishing changes and computers would not do; it had to be done on paper.

It was amazing to watch Michael as he created, totally unguarded and in his element. John was pretty sure he knew why Lisa had kept Michael around; he was simply fascinating.


The Soul Reader Series

John knows that at best he can be described as a male escort and at worst as a whore, but it’s what he does and he’s good at it. He sells his body and his clients come with fangs so it’s more about blood than sex. Hiding behind a false smile and his acting skills is the only way he survives, but when he meets one of his latest clients, Michael, his professional detachment is severely threatened, leading him into very dangerous territory.