Chip Off the Old Block? (Romantic Demon Humour)

Chip Off the Old Block? (Romantic Demon Humour)
Series: Stand Alone Books, Book 0
Genres: Adult, Contemporary Fantasy, Fantasy, Gay, Humour, LGBTQIA, Paranormal Romance, Romance
Tags: Explicit Content, Free, Halloween Bargains, Short Story (under 7.5K), Wittegen Eros
Publisher: Wittegen Eros
Publication Year: 2011
ISBN: 9781908333186

The Anti-Christ is coming! His name is Owen. Well technically it's Beherit, but that's so last millennium.

About the Book

Please be aware this title has Explicit Content.

The Anti-Christ is coming!

His name is Owen.

Well technically it’s Beherit, but that’s so last millennium. Aspiring to world domination is just around the corner and his simple life of school is coming to an end … which is kind of the problem. His best friend David, the local vicar’s son, will no longer be there and that makes Owen feel things he doesn’t understand. What else is a boy to do, but ask his dad what it all means, even if that dad has horns and his eye on the corruption of humankind?

Find out if the Devil’s plans are going to be blown apart by un-demon like love in this FREE romantic comedy short story.

(~7.5K words)

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