Mouse Trap (Mystery in the 1930s)

Mouse Trap (Mystery in the 1930s)
Series: Stand Alone Books, Book 0
Genres: Adult, Crime, Erotic Romance, Lesbian, LGBTQIA
Tags: Explicit Content, Free, Novelette (7.5K-17.5K), Wittegen Eros
Publisher: Wittegen Eros
Publication Year: 2011
ISBN: 9781908333209

Harry Moorsely is a noticing sort of gal. And she has noticed Mariam DeBoer. Of course there is a jewel thief to unmask first.

About the Book

Please be aware this title has Explicit Content.

Harry Moorsely is a noticing sort of gal.
And she has noticed Mariam DeBoer.

Visiting her God Mother, Lady Jane Devril, bright young thing, Harry, has set her sights on another guest at the weekend house party, the divinely elfin Mariam. Yet, when Lady Jane’s emeralds are stolen in the middle of the night, Harry’s eye for detail means only she sees the clues that point to an inside job. Should she believe her suspicions, or will her heart lead her to another conclusion?

Join Harry in solving the case in this entertaining, free, lesbian mystery.

(~10.5K words)

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