Consolidation: Magic in the Water (The Manor #22)

Consolidation: Magic in the Water (The Manor #22)

Fuyuko reassesses her dream while all look to the defence of The Manor.

Oli and Josh, Fuyuko and Paden, both unlikely pairings for defending The Manor, but sometimes thinking outside the box is what is needed. While half-fae and werewolf plot magical games, yuki-onna and kelpie consider more elemental matters.

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About the Book

The Manor – Season 02 Episode 10 (2.10)

With The Manor in danger, the most powerful in the Council have come together to initiate a plan to defend it. Learning everything about the Council and knowing he is there only because his mate is a dragon-shifter has brought up many of Oli’s old insecurities as he feels useless among them. However, a chance meeting with Josh may change that as half-fae and werewolf talk.

While Josh and Oli investigate one solution, Fuyuko has a chance to explore her warning dream further, coming to a simple conclusion with a complicated outcome. As a yuki-onna, she is impervious to dragon fire, but to make this trait useful to her home, she must elicit the help of the only other elemental supernatural on the Council: the proud, anti-social and often indifferent kelpie, Paden.

The Manor is a series of novelettes, divided into seasons, each book a new episode in the exciting and delightfully naughty lives of Lucy and her mismatched found family.

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Series: The Manor, Book 22
Genres: Adult, Contemporary Fantasy, Erotic Romance, Gay, LGBTQIA, Menage, Paranormal Romance, Romance
Tags: Explicit Content, Novelette (7.5K-17.5K), Wittegen Eros
Publisher: Wittegen Eros
Publication Year: 2021
ISBN: 9781912583645
List Price: $0.99, £0.77, EUR0.89
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