Training Day: Drawbacks of Werewolf Demonstrability (The Manor #13)

Training Day: Drawbacks of Werewolf Demonstrability (The Manor #13)

Lucy and Pippa have sexy plans for Josh to test his control...

Training Day: Josh's libido is out of control. The obvious solution: join the sexier side of The Manor's business. What he must figure out is if the mate bond with Pippa will be an issue, and if he can control his magic and his wolf well enough for it to be viable.

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About the Book

The Manor – Season 02 Episode 01 (2.01) – Training Day: Drawbacks of Werewolf Demonstrability

Josh is still dealing with an overactive libido as well as unpredictable magic thanks to joining with Lucy and the pack to save his sanity. It has been months and it is clearly not lessening. The obvious solution is to give up being a bartender and join the sexier side of the business at The Manor.

Unfortunately, there are two questions he needs to ask first:

1. As his mate, how will Pippa react to the idea?
2. Can he control his magic and the wolf at his core to be safe taking clients among normal humans?

He needs Pippa and Lucy to help him answer both.

The Manor is a series of novelettes, divided into seasons, each book a new episode in the exciting and delightfully naughty lives of Lucy and her companions.

Don’t forget to check out the podcast Virginia’s Sexy Stories at your favourite podcast site, to hear the author read naughty extracts of the books in the series.

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Series: The Manor, Book 13
Genres: Adult, Bisexual, Contemporary Fantasy, Erotic Romance, Fantasy, LGBTQIA, Paranormal Romance, Romance
Tags: Explicit Content, Free, Novelette (7.5K-17.5K), Wittegen Eros
Publisher: Wittegen Eros
Publication Year: 2020
ISBN: 9781912583508
List Price: FREE
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