Covert Investigations: Magic Sex in the City (The Manor #5)

Covert Investigations: Magic Sex in the City (The Manor #5)

It's time for covert investigations into Josh's old pack.

Oli, half-fae boyfriend of Drage, Lucy's right-hand dragon-shifter, is highly skilled at glamours, so Lucy has given the couple a covert mission to find out more about Josh's old werewolf pack. Sexy times to charge Oli's magic, as well as danger, await them in the city.

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About the Book

The Manor – Season 01 Episode 05 (1.05)

Covert Investigations: Magic Sex in the City

Drage, Lucy’s right-hand man and dragon-shifter, and Oli, his half-fae boyfriend, have a mission. To make sure The Manor remains protected, Lucy needs more information on Josh’s old werewolf pack. With Oli’s skill creating glamours to allow them to move around unnoticed and Drage’s strength to get them out of trouble if any arises, they are the perfect team for the job.

Before they track down their quarry, Oli’s magic needs to be at its optimum, so their first task on arriving in the city is checking into a hotel and making sure he is fully charged. The best way to boost Oli’s magic happens to be sex, so that part’s fun, however, that’s where the fun stops and the danger begins.

The Manor is a series of novelettes, divided into seasons, each book a new episode in the exciting and delightfully naughty lives of Lucy and her companions.

Don’t forget to check out the podcast Virginia’s Sexy Stories at your favourite podcast site, to hear the author read naughty extracts of the books in the series.

Series: The Manor, Book 5
Genres: Adult, Contemporary Fantasy, Erotic Romance, Gay, Paranormal Romance
Tags: Explicit Content, Novelette (7.5K-17.5K), Wittegen Eros
Publisher: Wittegen Eros
Publication Year: 2020
ISBN: 9781912583263
List Price: $0.99, £0.99, EUR0.99
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