The Power of Sex: Revelations of the Succubus (The Manor #8)

The Power of Sex: Revelations of the Succubus (The Manor #8)

Josh and Lucy seek answers about Josh's incident as he watched her have sex.

Josh's bad reaction to watching Lucy in The Parlour has everyone asking questions. He needs to find answers, but was the episode werewolf related and they lie with his alpha, or was it something to do with Lucy and she can help him?

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About the Book

The Manor – Season 01 Episode 08 (1.08)

Josh’s bad reaction to watching Lucy and several of The Manor’s members together in The Parlour has everyone asking questions. Nula has already given her opinion, but all that has revealed is he had a terrible shock to his system.

Now recovered from whatever it was, but with his memory still incomplete he seeks answers. They may come from his alpha, since it could be to do with his new pack bond, but it was Lucy’s power that triggered the episode, so the answer may lie with her instead. It is time to find out.

The Manor is a series of novelettes, divided into seasons, each book a new episode in the exciting and delightfully naughty lives of Lucy and her companions.

Don’t forget to check out the podcast Virginia’s Sexy Stories at your favourite podcast site, to hear the author read naughty extracts of the books in the series.

Series: The Manor, Book 8
Genres: Adult, Contemporary Fantasy, Erotic Romance, LGBTQIA, Paranormal Romance, Vampire
Tags: Explicit Content, Novelette (7.5K-17.5K), Wittegen Eros
Publisher: Wittegen Eros
Publication Year: 2020
ISBN: 9781912583324
List Price: $0.99, £0.99, EUR0.99
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