Egyptian Undead: You Carry My Heart in a Jar (A Light-Hearted Paranormal Romance)

Egyptian Undead: You Carry My Heart in a Jar  (A Light-Hearted Paranormal Romance)

The quality of vampire hunters really had been going down lately.

The thing about vampire mummies is they don't have quite the same rules as an average vampire. This has advantages and disadvantages.

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About the Book

A Light-hearted Vampire Romance Short Story

Created by an Ancient Egyptian priest dabbling in black magic sometime in the New Kingdom, Buneb is a vampire mummy, and he remade Dorothy in his image in the 1930s. It was something of a shock, but she got over it once he turned out to be rather handsome and not at all homicidal after he recovered from being sealed in a tomb for two thousand years.

These days they live quietly in rural England where the most they have to worry about is the Church fete. Hence, being woken by someone trying to ram a stake through her heart seems terribly rude to Dorothy.

Listen to the story read on YouTube at my channel Tales with Tasha.

Series: YouTube eBooks, Book 18
Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal, Paranormal Romance, Romance, Vampire
Tags: No Explicit Content, Short Story (under 7.5K), Wittegen Press
Publisher: Wittegen Press
Publication Year: 2022
ISBN: 9781005137915
List Price: $0.99, £0.77, EUR0.89
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