Wolf Blue: A New Place, A New Pack (A SciFi Werewolf Short Story)

Wolf Blue: A New Place, A New Pack  (A SciFi Werewolf Short Story)

The Wolf Guard offer safety and pack, but to get there is dangerous and there is a price.

Blue was born into slavery to the Valan empire, a human/Valan crossbreed valued only for his muscle in the mines of Lof. Dragged from the mines and sent to war, the ship Blue is on has been captured and he has no way to comprehend his future.

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About the Book

Wolf Blue: A New Place, A New Pack

The chains of slavery have bound Blue since birth, but will the offer of the Wolf Guard free him, or will the price be too high? Born to a human mother and a Valan father, Blue was raised in the crushing depths of the Lof mines, only valued for his strength and endurance. But when the transport ship he has been thrown on to be battlefield fodder is captured, Blue is chosen and pulled from the masses, thrust into the unknown. All he has to go on is his mother’s last words: survive.

However, the offer from the mysterious Trax is not one of subjugation, but of freedom. With yellow eyes and the teeth of a wolf, Trax offers Blue a chance to join the Wolf Guard, the only ones able to fight the Valan Empire and win. But at what cost? Will Blue be able to pay the price and win his freedom?

If you enjoyed the thrilling adventure of The Hunger Games, then you will love Wolf Blue. Get your copy now to find out Blue’s fate.

Listen to the story read on YouTube at my channel Tales with Tasha.

Series: YouTube eBooks, Book 21
Genres: Adult, Science Fiction
Tags: No Explicit Content, Short Story (under 7.5K), Wittegen Press
Publisher: Wittegen Press
Publication Year: 2022
ISBN: 9781005988364
List Price: $0.99, £0.77, EUR0.89
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